Application of Seniority Sample Clauses

Application of Seniority. Seniority shall be the controlling factor in the following situations:
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Application of Seniority. The application of seniority in the Skilled Trade occupation shall be by non-interchangeable occupations or trades within each trade as shown in the Skilled Trades Flowchart. Seniority lists shall be by basic trade or occupation.
Application of Seniority. 3.2.1 Seniority shall be applicable on an individual store basis, except as otherwise provided for under Section 3.2.2, 3.3, and 3.4, and shall apply to the extent provided for in this Article.
Application of Seniority. Seniority shall apply to the following:
Application of Seniority. Seniority shall be the determining factor in layoff and recall from layoff, transfers in accordance with job posting procedures, shift changes and vacations, in accordance with the posting provisions of this Section unless ability and qualifications are unequal, in which event seniority will not be the determining factor. Seniority shall be applied in the following manner in accordance with this Section.
Application of Seniority. Seniority will be considered in the filling of vacancies provided an employee has the qualifications to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position, except in those positions involving a promotion which shall be filled as provided in Section 14.6. For purposes of Section 14.5, a promotion is defined as moving to a classification involving an increase in pay.
Application of Seniority. (a) Service seniority shall be used to solve differences among employees within a work unit regarding choice of vacation leave and other leaves of absence, on the principle that the employee with the greatest service seniority shall have first choice.
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Application of Seniority. (a) In the promotion, demotion, transfer or lay-off of employees, in respect of Grade 1 positions, capability, performance, qualifications, and seniority shall be the determining factors.
Application of Seniority. (a) The Parties recognize that job security shall increase in proportion to length of seniority as herein defined.
Application of Seniority. In the event of reassignment, transfer, layoff, or recall, seniority shall be the determining factor where employees are equally qualified to do the job. Seniority shall be applied in the following manner:
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