Section F Sample Clauses

Section F. Notices to Trust; it shall be sufficient to communicate by such means as shall be mutually agreeable to the Trust and the Custodian.
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Section F. 23-8 An employee who fails to work on a Season Day on which the employee is scheduled to work shall not receive the pay as provided in Section C. or D. unless their failure to work is excused because of (1) personal illness or injury as provided in Article 25, or (2) other extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the employee which cannot be corrected in time for them to meet their employment obligation.
Section F. Whenever the term straight time base rate of pay is used in this Article, it shall be construed to mean the individual employee’s established salary, exclusive of overtime, holiday bonus, or any other non-salary compensation (e.g., educational reimbursement).
Section F. The College agrees to pay for re-certification class for the Sanitation License when the class is taken at Joliet Junior College. The following classifications are required to complete the certification process, Fry Xxxx, Grill Service Line, Afternoon Lead, Salad Bar Attendant, Catering Xxxx, Catering/ Outlet Lead and Head Cashier. Section G A training rate of $1.00 (one dollar) extra for each hour worked for training a food service employee will be provided to their hourly rate.
Section F. The County will issue a job description, job classification and personnel manuals to all current bargaining unit employees and all new hires employees. (See Miscellaneous, "Printing of Agreement.")
Section F. The parties recognize that after STEP 3 of the grievance procedure, additional time may be required by both parties to process the grievance. Notwithstanding the provisions of STEP 3, the parties may agree in writing to extend any of the time limits set forth in STEPS 4 and 5 of the grievance procedure.
Section F. By July 1 annually, the Employer shall publish a seniority list and longevity list prepared according to the provisions herein, and the Association shall publish a bargaining unit longevity list.
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Section F. It is recognized by the Board of Education and the Union that insurance policies contain standard exclusions and limitations. It is, therefore, expressly understood that the provisions of the insurance policies shall prevail. Policies will be furnished to the Union upon contract ratification if not available, the Board will request same in writing with copy to the Union. Section G Liability coverage and protection shall be the same as that for Board of Education Members.
Section F. Procedure‌ 37 Grievances shall be processed in the following manner: 38  INFORMAL: The Parties encourage employees and their supervisors to attempt to resolve 39 grievances or potential grievances through free and informal communications between the grievant 1 and his/her immediate supervisors. However, if such informal process has failed to provide an 2 acceptable adjustment of the grievance, the grievance may be processed as set forth below. Informal 3 resolution of a grievance between an employee(s) and his/her immediate supervisor shall not 4 prejudice the interpretation of application of this Agreement.
Section F. Section F of the Existing Agreement is amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows: [Intentionally omitted.]
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