Section A Sample Clauses

Section A. Recognition. Pursuant to the Minnesota Public Employment Labor Relations Act of 1971, as amended, the Employer recognizes the Association as the exclusive representative in the appropriate unit as described in the decisions of the Bureau of Mediation Services in the cases 75-PR-642-A, dated September 29, 1975; 80-PR-1257-A, dated June 16, 1980; and 83-PR-1220-A, dated September 9, 1983.
Section A. 2. At the beginning of the school year, designated handicapped special education drivers already employed in such positions as of the date this Agreement is signed will maintain their positions, provided positions are available. In the event a designated handicapped special education driver chooses to vacate his/her position, regular drivers may bid on the opening or openings created.
Section A. In the event any disputes and/or differences, including discharges and suspensions, have been properly processed through the grievance procedure without resolution, the Federation may demand arbitration and this demand, in writing, shall be presented to the Port Director, or his designee, within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the decision of the previous step. The arbitrator shall be appointed by mutual consideration of the parties. In the event the parties are unable to agree upon a neutral within ten (10) working days after the arbitration is invoked, either party may petition the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and request a list of five (5) qualified arbitrators and from said list the parties shall alternately strike and select a single arbitrator to preside as a neutral at the hearing involving the grievance. The decision of said arbitrator shall be final and binding upon both parties. The arbitrator shall not be empowered to alter, amend, add to, or eliminate any provisions of this Collective Bargaining Agreement. Expenses shall be borne equally by both parties. Section B In the event that an employee has been disciplined to the extent that he or she has been suspended or discharged and is reinstated by an arbitrator's decision, the employee shall be reinstated with all back pay and with no loss or impairment of any rights under this Agreement or other rules and regulations of the Authority, unless directed otherwise by the arbitrator.
Section A. This Agreement shall be construed as being severable, meaning that if any part or portion of it shall be or be found by any authoritative court or other tribunal to be contrary to applicable law and impermissible, then that part or portion shall be deemed to be null and void, but the remainder of the Agreement shall be deemed as continuing in full force and effect. If either party deems such invalidated part or portion to be essential to the Agreement, the parties agree to meet and confer in an effort to draft a replacement, although this shall not constitute an obligation to bargain collectively in the legal sense.
Section A. Full Time Education Fees 1. Full Time Education Fees €10,000 SECTION B: Injury 1. Death 2. Loss of two or more Limbs 3. Loss of Sight in Both Eyes 4. Loss of one Limb 5. Loss of Sight in one Eye €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €5,000 €5,000
Section A. Definition
Section A. 6-1 The University shall not discharge or take other disciplinary action without just cause. By way of illustration, but not by way of limitation, just cause includes any act or omission which interferes with or affects in any way the orderly and efficient administration or operation of the University, any violation of a rule, or regulation, or requirement, whether or not written, which is known, or which reason indicates should have been known, by an employee, and off-duty behavior which adversely affects the University as a public employer or educational institution, provided, however, any new rule, regulation or requirement shall not be contrary to the terms of this Agreement. While not necessarily misconduct, unsatisfactory performance or inability to meet regular attendance requirements shall be cause for action up to and including discharge.
Section A. 22-1 The following holidays will be observed on the calendar day on which each falls, except that a holiday falling on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday and a holiday falling on Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday:
Section A. Pursuant to the certification of the State of Minnesota, Bureau of Mediation Services Case No. 91-PCE-2198, the Employer recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the purposes of collective bargaining with respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and all other conditions of employment for: All custodial and maintenance employees of Independent School District No. 2534, Bird Island, Minnesota, who are public employees within the meaning of Minn. Stat. 179A.03, Subd. 14, excluding supervisory, confidential, and all other employees.