Paragraph 2nd Sample Clauses

Paragraph 2nd. Alternatively or complementarily to the indemnity referred to in the previous paragraph, Anatel may accept the transfer of assets that have been given in guarantee of its own financing, subrogating them in the installment that has not yet been paid.
Paragraph 2nd. The declaration of caducity will not suppress the application of the pertinent penalties as per the terms of the Contract by infractions practiced by the Concessionaire, nor will it harm the right to indemnity defined in the terms of the subsequent Chapter.
Paragraph 2nd. The changes mentioned in the present clause do not exclude the possibility of revision, at any time, of the present Contract as a result of the supervenience of relevant fact, at Anatel’s criterion.
Paragraph 2nd. In the cases of conflict between the Concessionaire and other telecommunication service renderers in the establishment of fair and reasonable values, Anatel, may, cautiously, determine such values, time periods for the fulfilling and any other elements essential to the effectiveness of the cautionary decision.
Paragraph 2nd. After the extinction of the concession, Anatel will proceed to the surveys, evaluations and liquidations that may be required, within 180 (one hundred and eighty) days counting from the assumption of the service, except in the hypothesis of end of the contractual time period, when these measures must be adopted by Anatel in advance.
Paragraph 2nd. The procedure of revision of the tariffs started by Anatel must be the object of communication to the Concessionaire consignating a time period for its manifestation, accompanied by the copy of the reports and studies performed to characterize the situation that motivated the revision.
Paragraph 2nd. The date of the establishment of the service rendering contract between user and provider defines the chronological order of servicing to the request of the resources by the Concessionaire.