Purpose of Loan Sample Clauses

Purpose of Loan. The purpose of the Loan is as indicated by the checked boxes below: ¨ Refinance Loan: The Loan is a refinancing of existing indebtedness and, except to the extent specifically required by Lender, there is to be no change in the ownership of either the Mortgaged Property or Borrower Principals. The intended use of any cash received by Borrower from Lender, to the extent applicable, in connection with the refinancing has been fully disclosed to Lender.
Purpose of Loan. The purpose of the Loan is as indicated by the checked boxes below:
Purpose of Loan. Party B has accepted the Loan provided by Party A and hereby agrees and covenants that the Loan shall be used only to acquire the equity interest of the Company. Without Party A’s prior written consent, Party B shall not use the Loan for any other purpose, or sell, assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of any legal rights or benefits in connection with, or create any security interest over, the Equity Interest to any third party.
Purpose of Loan. The proceeds of the Revolving Loan shall be used for general working capital purposes.
Purpose of Loan. Company certifies that the loan evidenced by this Note is obtained for business or commercial purposes and that the proceeds thereof will not be used primarily for personal, family, household or agricultural purposes.
Purpose of Loan. Borrower agrees that no advances under this Note shall be used for personal, family or household purposes, and that all advances hereunder shall be used solely for business, commercial, investment, or other similar purposes.
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Purpose of Loan. The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that this Note evidences a loan for a business, commercial, agricultural or similar commercial enterprise purpose, and that no advance shall be used for any personal, family or household purpose. The proceeds of the loan shall be used only for the Borrower’s working capital purposes.
Purpose of Loan. The loan shall be used for the following purposes. The borrower shall not use the loan for any other purpose without the written consent of the lender, and the lender shall have the right to supervise the purpose of the money. Purpose of borrowing: Production and Operation Activities.
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