The Claimant Sample Clauses

The Claimant a) requires funding for the investigation and prosecution of the Claims;
The Claimant. 7.5.1 will immediately notify the Co-Funders if the Claimant is requested or required to disclose any information relating to the negotiation, existence, terms or performance of this Agreement and if so requested by the Co- Funders will take such steps as may reasonably be available to prevent disclosure of such parts of the information as the Co-Funders may nominate; and
The Claimant. [14] The Claimant commenced employment with the Company as an Associate under the CIMB Fusion Programme effective 18 September 2012. [15] The terms of the contract, inter alia, are:-
The Claimant taking action to recover the loan balance”.
The Claimant. 61. The Claimant notes that it is undisputed that ICSID is not available to resolve this dispute.61 The Claimant agrees that the Additional Facility Rules set out the requirements to guide a determination as to when the Additional Facility is available.62 The Claimant contests the view that the instructions on the ICSID website have any relevance to this determination.63
The Claimant. 78. The Claimant requests that the Tribunal render an award as follows:
The Claimant. (i) failed to give his or her address in the claim form;

Related to The Claimant

  • Denial If NB denies the Applicant, NB shall furnish a written statement stating its reasons. The Applicant shall have the opportunity to discuss the decision with the Director of Social Services. The Applicant has the right to an administrative fair hearing. If NB denies an Applicant based in part on an indicated child abuse or maltreatment report, the Applicant has a right to a fair hearing regarding the report. The request must be made within 90 days of receiving the written denial notice. (See Disclosures, page 10.)

  • Contractor Hearing Board 1. If there is evidence that the Contractor may be subject to debarment, the Department will notify the Contractor in writing of the evidence which is the basis for the proposed debarment and will advise the Contractor of the scheduled date for a debarment hearing before the Contractor Hearing Board.

  • Written Claim The claimant may file a written request for such benefit to the Plan Administrator.

  • Initiation – Written Claim The claimant initiates a claim by submitting to the Company a written claim for the benefits.

  • Claim A demand or assertion by the Owner or the Contractor seeking an adjustment of the Contract Sum or Contract Time, or both, or other relief with respect to the terms of the Contract. The term "Claim" also includes other disputes and matters in question between the Owner and the Contractor arising out of or relating to the Contract. The responsibility to substantiate a Claim shall rest with the party making the Claim. A demand for money or services by a third party, including a Trade Contractor, Supplier, or subcontractor to the Contractor, is ipso facto not a Claim against the Owner.

  • Third Party Claim A Claim where there is (a) a claim, demand, suit or action by a person who is not a Party, (b) a settlement with, judgment by, or liability to, a person who is not a Party, or (c) a fine or penalty imposed by a person who is not a Party.

  • Hearing The grievance shall be heard by a single arbitrator and both parties may be represented by such person or persons as they may choose and designate, and the parties shall have the right to a hearing at which time both parties will have the opportunity to submit evidence, offer testimony, and make oral or written arguments relating to the issues before the arbitrator. The proceeding before the arbitrator shall be a hearing denovo.

  • Hearing Aids Hearing aids are electronic amplifying devices designed to bring sound more effectively into the ear. A hearing aid consists of a microphone, amplifier and receiver. Benefits are available for a hearing aid that is required for the correction of a hearing impairment (a reduction in the ability to perceive sound which may range from slight to complete deafness) and purchased as a result of a written recommendation by a Physician. Benefits are provided for the hearing aid and for charges for associated fitting and testing. Benefits under this section do not include bone anchored hearing aids. Bone anchored hearing aids are a Covered Service for which benefits are available under the applicable medical/surgical Covered Services categories in the HPN AOC, only for a Member:  who is not a candidate for an air-conduction hearing aid; and  which is used according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved indications. Benefits for bilateral bone anchored hearing aids are available to Members who meet the HPN Managed Care Program criteria.

  • Submitting False Claims The full text of San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 21, Section 21.35, including the enforcement and penalty provisions, is incorporated into this Agreement. Pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code §21.35, any contractor or subcontractor who submits a false claim shall be liable to the City for the statutory penalties set forth in that section. A contractor or subcontractor will be deemed to have submitted a false claim to the City if the contractor or subcontractor: (a) knowingly presents or causes to be presented to an officer or employee of the City a false claim or request for payment or approval;