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Received by. TLEW Receipt of material is merely a preliminary step in the registration and/or recordation process. It does not imply that any final determination has been made in the case, or that the material is acceptable for registration. Official action on an application for copyright registration or a document for recordation can be taken only after there has been a full examination of the claim following regular Copyright Office procedures. We are glad to discuss questions Involving copyright registration on the telephone or in person-to-person conversations. However, all statements made during these exploratory discussions must be considered provisional, and are not binding either upon the applicant or upon the Office. This receipt acknowledges delivery of the material to the Copyright Office on the date indicated. When multiple claims are submitted by or on behalf of the same remitter, however, only one receipt will be provided. If you are submitting multiple claims, only one title will appear on the receipt.
Received by. To be signed by each person who receives custody of the samples prior to the laboratory taking custody.
Received by. [Signature and stamp of Paying Agent] At its office at: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. On: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Received by. ORO use only): Date / / Time PEP-310Performed by the MCR-SEC, TSC- SEC or EOF-Communications Manager‌ NOTE:Use 24 hour time with format (HHMM) To access the WebEOC® Emergency Notification Form (ENF)1. Log on to computer using your ID and password 2. Access Duke Application Environment (DAE) on the desktop:
Received by. Date: The Step 1 decision shall be transmitted to grievant’s Steward/AFSCME Employee Representative by email, personal delivery with written documentation of receipt or by certified mail, return receipt requested. A copy of this decision shall be sent to grievant and the local AFSCME Union if grievant elected not to be represented by AFSCME. APPENDIX D (Step 2) REQUEST FOR REVIEW OF STEP 1 DECISION GRIEVANT NAME: DEPT/DIV: PHONE: EMAIL ADDRESS: AFSCME STAFF REPRESENTATIVE NAME: DEPT/DIV: EMAIL ADDRESS: All University communications shall go to the grievant’s AFSCME Staff Representative at the above email address. DATE OF STEP 1 DECISION: DATE STEP 1 DECISION WAS RECEIVED BY GRIEVANT’S STEWARD/AFSCME EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATIVE: Provisions of Agreement allegedly violated as specified at Step 1: I hereby request that the Step 2 Management Representative review the decision made in connection with the attached grievance for the following reason(s): REMEDY SOUGHT: Signature of Grievant(s) or AFSCME Representative Date I am represented in this grievance by: (check one – representative must sign on appropriate line). AFSCME _____________________________________________________ Myself Other A copy of the following documents must be attached to the Request at the time of its filing:
Received by. Approved 9/23/201415-1

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  • Insurance Proceeds Subject to the provisions of Section 14.4, all proceeds payable by reason of any loss or damage to the Leased Property, or any portion thereof, insured under any policy of insurance required by Article 13 of this Lease, shall be paid to Lessor and held in trust by Lessor in an interest-bearing account, shall be made available, if applicable, for reconstruction or repair, as the case may be, of any damage to or destruction of the Leased Property, or any portion thereof, and, if applicable, shall be paid out by Lessor from time to time for the reasonable costs of such reconstruction or repair upon satisfaction of reasonable terms and conditions specified by Lessor. Any excess proceeds of insurance (and accrued interest) remaining after the completion of the restoration or reconstruction of the Leased Property, as hereinafter set forth, shall be paid to Lessee. If neither Lessor nor Lessee is required or elects to repair and restore, and the Lease is terminated without purchase by Lessee as described in Section 14.2, all such insurance proceeds shall be retained by Lessor. All salvage resulting from any risk covered by insurance shall belong to Lessor.

  • Application of Insurance Proceeds Grantor shall promptly notify Lender of any loss or damage to the Collateral. Lender may make proof of loss if Grantor fails to do so within fifteen (15) days of the casualty. All proceeds of any insurance on the Collateral, including accrued proceeds thereon, shall be held by Lender as part of the Collateral. If Lender consents to repair or replacement of the damaged or destroyed Collateral, Lender shall, upon satisfactory proof of expenditure, pay or reimburse Grantor from the proceeds for the reasonable cost of repair or restoration. If Lender does not consent to repair or replacement of the Collateral, Lender shall retain a sufficient amount of the proceeds to pay all of the Indebtedness, and shall pay the balance to Grantor. Any proceeds which have not been disbursed within six (6) months after their receipt and which Grantor has not committed to the repair or restoration of the Collateral shall be used to prepay the Indebtedness.