Act 2004 Sample Clauses

Act 2004. All references to ‘information’ hereafter (including in the annexes) shall, as far as the Bank of England passing information to the FRC is concerned, be references to confidential information within the meaning of S.348 of FSMA. It will be for the Party that has been asked to share information with the other Party or that is minded to volunteer information not specifically requested by the other Party to decide that request or act of sharing should follow the arrangements set out in Annex B. Other information can be exchanged between the parties but is not information requested or exchanged pursuant to this MOU. Information requests
Act 2004. In the event that an ASBO is granted against the Tenant, the Tenant shall indemnify the Landlord against any losses (financial or otherwise) suffered by the Landlord as a result of said order.
Act 2004. In the event that an ASBO is granted against the Tenant, the Tenant shall indemnify the Landlord against any losses (financial or otherwise) suffered by the Landlord as a result of said order. 42. CLEANING The Tenant will keep the Let Property and the contents thereof within the Let Property in a good and clean condition throughout the period of this Agreement and shall leave it in a like condition at the waygoing of the Tenant. The Tenant will leave the contents in the rooms or places in which they were at the commencement of this Agreement. The Tenant shall pay for any cleaning that may be required to reinstate the Let Property to the same order that it was provided at the beginning of the Tenancy, including the washing or cleaning of all carpets, curtains, blankets and rugs which have been soiled during the Tenancy and the cleaning of all windows. 43. AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT In the event that a television, DVD / digital media player, computer, video game console or music system have been left in the Let Property these will be accepted in their condition at the date of entry and in the event of any breakdown or fault during the period of tenancy no repairs will be carried out to nor replacement made of the said items. If the television is used, the Tenant shall be responsible for obtaining a Television License for the duration of his/her tenancy. 44. ITEMS BROUGHT INTO THE LET PROPERTY The Tenant will be liable for any damage occasioned, whether decorative or more substantial, by bringing into or removing from the Let Property furniture or other large goods. The cost of rectification will be deducted from the deposit. 45.
Act 2004. It should also be noted that the Shire does not provide first aid assistance within any of its facilities. ACCESS The Hirer and Public are restricted to the specific area of hire. Early access to the facilities for the purpose of decorating or other reasons will only be permitted if the access will not interfere with preceding bookings. ALL BUILDINGS used are to be LOCKED on exit and key returned to the Admin Office. HIRE CHARGE Payment of the prescribed hire charge must be paid in full prior to the use of the facility. Keys will not be released unless payment is made. Facilities are to be left clean and tidy and all items returned to their original place. The user shall only be entitled to the use of the specified areas of facility booked. The Shire reserves the right to book out any other portion of the facility for any other purpose at the same time. BOND For functions within the Ravensthorpe Recreation Centre a bond as detailed in the Shires Adopted Fees and Charges is applicable and wherever alcoholic beverages are to be consumed with a Facility a liquor bond will be applicable. All other Shire Facilities have a bond as outlined in the Shires Adopted Fees and Charges. A key bond as per the Shires Adopted Fees and Charges is payable prior to the collection of any key. All bonds will be refunded within seven (7) days of the function/activity taking place. Should extraordinary cleaning be deemed necessary, or damage occurs, either full or partial forfeiture of bonds will result. Failure to adhere to the booking times frames, conditions of use or return of keys as outlined may result in Late Fees being applied referral to debt collectors and or non- approval for future hire. Refund of bond will only be made after satisfactory inspection. KEYS Keys will not be released should any relevant fees or bonds not be paid at the time of the proposed function/activity All keys must be returned to the Shire Office on the first business day following the function or alternatively placed in the After Hours key return box, located on the Carlisle Street entrance of the Ravensthorpe Office. ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION OR SALE OF ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED WITHOUT A LICENCE Application for Consent to consume Alcohol within/on Shire Facilities is attached. Please complete and return prior to the event if applicable. Where Alcohol is to be sold a Liquor Licence provided from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor under the requirements of the Liquor Licencing Act (WA) 1988, a c...
Act 2004. Volunteer a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it.
Act 2004. Each employee covered by this agreement shall have all contributions, both employee and Mater, paid to the Sisters of Mercy Staff Superannuation Scheme for so long as the Scheme complies with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 or any replacement Acts. The Mater will ensure any changes during the life of this agreement to minimum Mater contributions as a result of a change in legislation will be honoured.
Act 2004. Adelman, 1999, 2006
Act 2004. Promoting positive citizenship is the key to addressing antisocial behaviour in the region, and this is provided through a multi-agency approach, embracing prevention, early intervention, and rehabilitation strands, together with appropriate levels of enforcement where required. Civil Contingencies In Dumfries and Galloway, as is the case for all areas, there is a need to ensure preparations are in place to respond to emergencies and that all sectors and the public are well placed to protect themselves or recover from any major incidents or catastrophic events. Road Safety The Fire and Rescue Service focuses on responding to fires and fire prevention activity - in particular to drive down domestic fires resulting in death and injury – which although low in number (average of 2 fatalities and 20 injuries over the last 5 years) are still a source of concern. There were 25 deaths on the Region’s roads in 2006, higher than the 1994-1998 baseline average of 22 deaths per year. In addition, a small rise in injuries of all severities to 638 from the 1994-1998 baseline average of 623, was observed. This is a cause for concern against a backdrop of decreases in most areas across Scotland for the same categories. Community Engagement Our Community Engagement activities are conducted in numerous ways and include Quality of Service questionnaires, consultation days, direct, regular interaction with Community Councils, school liaison and the development of forums such as the ‘Xchange’ forum and ‘Community Voiceplatform. It will be our aim to ensure that our consultation processes are as relevant, focused and effective as possible and that they comply with the National Standards for Community Engagement. We also aim to engage more effectively with the Third Sector in D&G through implementation of the Compact, which was endorsed by the Joint Board in March 2008. Activities during 2008/9 will include agreement of an action plan to implement, monitor and develop the Compact. Community Cohesion Dumfries and Galloway has a largely indigenous population but growing population of minority ethnic people and many visitors passing through the region for tourism, business and simply to transit to other areas. This does not lead to high levels of reported racist crimes or incidents but it is important to monitor this position as well as wider hate crime to ensure that diversity is respected and valued. Work continues in this area through the Multi-cultural association and local i...

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  • Data Protection Act 1998 19.1 For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”) the Executive gives his consent to the holding, processing and disclosure of personal data (including sensitive data within the meaning of the Act) provided by the Executive to the Company for all purposes relating to the performance of this agreement including, but not limited to:

  • Bribery Act We fully comply with the Bribery Act 2010, and will not accept any form of payment, gift or service, the intention of which could be considered to result in the improper performance of Our obligations to You. If We reasonably believe that You have attempted to offer a bribe We will terminate Our agreement with You.

  • Financial Assistance Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, the Director hereby grants to the Recipient financial assistance, as established in this section, for the sole and express purpose of paying or reimbursing the eligible costs certified to the Director under this Agreement for the completion of the Project.

  • Corrupt Practices Neither the Company nor, to the Company’s knowledge, any other person associated with or acting on behalf of the Company, including without limitation any director, officer, agent or employee of the Company or its Subsidiaries has, directly or indirectly, while acting on behalf of the Company or its Subsidiaries (i) used any corporate funds for unlawful contributions, gifts, entertainment or other unlawful expenses relating to political activity, (ii) made any unlawful payment to foreign or domestic government officials or employees or to foreign or domestic political parties or campaigns from corporate funds, (iii) violated any provision of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as amended or (iv) made any other unlawful payment.

  • COPELAND ANTI-KICKBACK ACT The Sub-Recipient hereby agrees that, unless exempt under Federal law, it will incorporate or cause to be incorporated into any contract for construction work, or modification thereof, the following clause: