Driving License Sample Clauses

Driving License. Where a valid driver’s license is a job requirement the Employee must maintain the license during the time of employment. Termination of employment will result in the event that the driving license becomes revoked, suspended or restricted. Where a driving license is not a job requirement the employee is required to notify the Company immediately of any restrictions, suspensions or cancellations.
Driving License of vehicle driver.
Driving License d) Identity Card Issued by the employer
Driving License. ▪ Driving license and ability to travel independently is required
Driving License. The customer must be in possession of the attendant valid Driving Licence authorised in the country of handover of Hasso’s vehicle, with the Customer being directly responsible for the validity and approval of the driving licence, having to hold Hasso harmless in any regard, and the licence shall be at least one year old. At the same time, the driver shall be at least 21 years old. Furthermore, and in any case, the customer must hold a driving licence which is at least one year old regardless of his/her age. There is an additional charge, set out at the start of the present document and during the booking process whereby, if the customer is aged between 21 and 24, it must may a surcharge of €7.00 per day as he/she is a young driver.
Driving License. Any property damage or bodily injury taking place whilst your Motor Vehicle is being driven or used by you or an authorised driver, if you or the authorised driver involved in the accident do not hold a valid driving license which has been held for minimum of 24 months, or are disqualified from holding or obtaining a license to drive the car, or act otherwise than in accordance with the terms and limitations of the driving license.
Driving License. The User should have a valid driving license to register and drive a vehicle that requires the driving license by law. The user needs to upload the driving license which will be saved to our database after which the user shall proceed to book any vehicle.
Driving License. 4.1 the Client declares to be in possession of a valid driving license for over a year that has not been revoked or suspended and that does not expire until after the rental agreement.
Driving License. It will be the Employee’s responsibility to ensure that anyone, who drives his/her entitled vehicle is in possession of a valid driving license.
Driving License. Employees whose routine duties require them to drive Employer-owned vehicles will be required to furnish such Ontario license as required by law and keep it renewed at their own expense. If required by the Employer, the cost of “A” and “DZ” endorsement for driver’s license will be at the expense of the Employer.