Performance by Sample Clauses

Performance by a Successor to Enterprise. Enterprise will require any successor (whether direct or indirect, by purchase, merger, consolidation or otherwise) to all or substantially all of the business and/or assets of Enterprise to assume expressly and agree to perform this Agreement in the same manner and to the same extent that Enterprise would be required to perform it if no such succession had taken place. As used in this Agreement, "Enterprise" shall mean Enterprise as hereinbefore defined and any successor to its business and/or assets as aforesaid which assumes and agrees to perform this Agreement by operation of law, or otherwise.
Performance by. GLOBIX Globix will use industry standard efforts to: (i) maintain Globix's facilities and equipment required to deliver Service, (ii) furnish Service in accordance with the applicable Service Level Agreement ("SLA"), provided Globix has operational facilities available at the time of Client's order, regardless of whether or not Client's equipment is operational, and (iii) provide additional Service, upon request and if appropriate resources are available at Globix's standard rates.
Performance by. Borrower shall in a timely manner observe, perform and fulfill each and every covenant, term and provision to be observed and performed by Borrower under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and any other agreement or instrument affecting or pertaining to the Property and any amendments, modifications or changes thereto.
Performance by. LESSEE on Behalf of Lessor in the event that neither Lessor nor Lender cures said breach within thirty (30) days after receipt of said written notice, or if having commenced said cure they do not diligently pursue it to completion, then Lessee may elect to cure said breach at Lessee's expense and offset from Rent an amount equal to the greater of one month's Base Rent or the Security Deposit, and to pay an excess of such expense under protest, reserving Lessee's right to reimbursement from Lessor. Lessee shall document the cost of said cure and supply said documentation to Lessor.

Related to Performance by

  • Performance by Agent If the Borrower shall fail to perform any covenant, duty or agreement contained in any of the Loan Documents, the Agent may perform or attempt to perform such covenant, duty or agreement on behalf of the Borrower after the expiration of any cure or grace periods set forth herein. In such event, the Borrower shall, at the request of the Agent, promptly pay any amount reasonably expended by the Agent in such performance or attempted performance to the Agent, together with interest thereon at the applicable Post-Default Rate from the date of such expenditure until paid. Notwithstanding the foregoing, neither the Agent nor any Lender shall have any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the performance of any obligation of the Borrower under this Agreement or any other Loan Document.

  • Performance by Seller Seller shall have performed, satisfied and complied with all covenants, agreements and conditions required by this Agreement to be performed or complied with by each of them, on or before the Closing Date.

  • Performance by Contractor Where Pur- chaser’s employees, agents, contractors, Subcontractors, or their employees or agents perform Purchaser’s Opera- tions in connection with fire responsibilities, Purchaser’s obligations shall be the same as if performance was by Purchaser.

  • Performance by Buyer Buyer shall have performed and complied in all material respects with all covenants and agreements required to be performed or complied with by it hereunder on or prior to the Closing Date.

  • Performance Review Where a performance review of an employee’s performance is carried out, the employee shall be given sufficient opportunity after the interview to read and review the performance review. Provision shall be made on the performance review form for an employee to sign it. The form shall provide for the employee’s signature in two (2) places, one (1) indicating that the employee has read and accepts the performance review, and the other indicating that the employee disagrees with the performance review. The employee shall sign in only one (1) of the places provided. No employee may initiate a grievance regarding the contents of a performance review unless the signature indicates disagreement. An employee shall, upon request, receive a copy of this performance review at the time of signing. An employee’s performance review shall not be changed after an employee has signed it, without the knowledge of the employee, and any such changes shall be subject to the grievance procedure of this Agreement. The employee may respond, in writing, to the performance review. Such response will be attached to the performance review.

  • Performance by Affiliates Each Party may discharge any obligations and exercise any right hereunder through any of its Affiliates. Each Party hereby guarantees the performance by its Affiliates of such Party’s obligations under this Agreement, and shall cause its Affiliates to comply with the provisions of this Agreement in connection with such performance. Any breach by a Party’s Affiliate of any of such Party’s obligations under this Agreement shall be deemed a breach by such Party, and the other Party may proceed directly against such Party without any obligation to first proceed against such Party’s Affiliate.

  • Performance of Reviews The RIRs shall send a request for review to the Operator per email, where they shall specify the areas they request a review for. The Operator must comply with the request by providing the requested information within working days. The review may include an onsite inspection. In this case the RIRs and the Operator must agree on a specific date for the inspection to take place, which may not be later than sixty calendar days from the date of the request.

  • Performance Pay In accordance with Section 8 of the General Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2020-2021, contingent upon the availability of funds and at the Agency Head’s discretion, each agency is authorized to grant merit pay increases based on the employee’s exemplary performance, as evidenced by a performance evaluation conducted pursuant to Rule 60L-35, Florida Administrative Code.

  • Performance of Services The Contractor is responsible for fully meeting all obligations set forth in the Contract and for providing Product in accordance with the Contract or any Authorized User Agreement.

  • Performance Data In accordance with section 34(2)(n) of the Act the NMHS is required to provide performance data for the monthly production of the performance reports as required by the Department CEO.