Promoted Sample Clauses

Promoted. Unit Members who do not successfully pass the six (6) month probationary period shall be returned to their former position.
Promoted personnel shall serve a probationary period of six (6) months. Such period is defined as a trial working period made a part of the selection process, during which the work and conduct of the employee shall be noted by the Chief or his authorized agent and reported upon to the Board of Public Safety to determine whether such employee merits permanent appointment.
Promoted employees shall work a probationary period of 6 months. A promoted employee shall have recourse to the grievance procedure concerning his non-qualification of the probationary promoted position provided that the Union shall have the burden to show that the non-qualification was arbitrary, capricious or discriminatory. A promoted employee who fails to qualify in the new (promoted) position shall be given the opportunity to return to his former position with the same amount of seniority he held in that position at the time of his promotion to the new, probationary, promoted position. (The seniority provision of this section shall not apply to a probationary employee who fails to qualify in the promoted position and who returns to his former position, if he was also a probationary employee in that former position.)
Promoted. Position Allowances shall be scaled according to the number of students enrolled in the school or the section of the school (Junior, Middle or High) depending on the extent of the responsibility of the particular Promoted Position. The above allowances shall apply to schools, or sections of schools, with enrolment of more than 600 full-time equivalent (FTE) students. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the above allowances shall apply to schools or sections with a student enrolment of between 300 and 600 FTE; and 70% of the allowances shall apply to schools or section with enrolments of less than 300FTE students. The number of FTE students used to calculate the salaries and allowances for a particular calendar year shall be the number recorded in the Census of Non- Government Schools in August of the preceding year. The number of Kindergarten students shall be based on their Full-time Equivalence.
Promoted. When another I-Share library received the direct request first, but was unable to fill it. An I-Share patron:  can choose any I-Share library as the pick-up location for their UB Request.  can return their I-Share borrowed material at any I-Share Library. Request Slip (Call Slip):  Prints from the Call Slip client.  Displays item information for library staff to pull the correct requested item from the shelving/storage location.  Includes patron information to assist with ILLINET requests. Route Slip:  May print from the Call Slip client, the Circulation client, or the Cataloging client.  The Route Slip contains address or routing information so staff can forward an item to the correct Happening or Pick- Up location.  The Route Slip that prints from the call slip client looks different than the one that prints from the Circulation Client, but the information is similar. Hold Slip:  Prints from the Circulation client.  The Hold Slip is attached to the item (such as via bookstrap or slipped inside like a streamer), and the item is placed on a Hold Shelf until the item is picked up by the patron, or returned to the item’s home library and shelving/storage location.  Call Slip Client  Slips that print from the Call Slip Daemon are formatted by the Callslip.ini file.  To review the settings in the Voyager 9.1.1 Consortial Callslip.ini file: xxxx:// share/circ/secure/V911CallslipINI  Ask CARLI Support any questions.  Circulation Client  Slips that print from the Circ client are formatted by the Circ.ini file.  Portions of the format of the slips can be edited to meet your library’s needs.  Directions are available: xxxx:// share/execute/secure/ModifyVoyagerINI  Ask CARLI Support any questions.  Any questions about the basic setup of the call slip client?  We’ll discuss how to use the client in daily workflows next. EXAMPLE REQUEST  Xxxxx Xxxxxx (from UIUC) requests an item owned by ISU.  The OPAC forwards the request to the Call Slip daemon at ISU.  The Call Slip daemon routes the request into the appropriate queue.  ISU library staff see the request in the Call Slip daemon.  ISU prints a Call Slip to find the item on the shelf.  ISU fills the request using Call Slip daemon.  ISU locates the item on the shelf, checks that the item is not damaged, and marks the request as “filled.”  Call Slip Daemon prints a route slip with address info.  Item stat...
Promoted. (a) A qualified engineer is one who has passed the necessary qualifying examinations and is eligible for service as an engineer. A promoted engineer is one who has passed the necessary qualifying examinations and has been awarded seniority as engineer.

Related to Promoted

  • Promotion Employees who are promoted during the life of this Agreement shall be granted a salary increase of at least one (1) step or shall be paid at the minimum of the higher range, whichever is greater.

  • Competitive Activities For purposes of the Agreement, to which this Exhibit B is attached, “Competitive Activities” means any activities relating to products or services of the same or similar type as the products or services (1) which were or are sold (or, pursuant to an existing business plan, will be sold) to paying customers of the Company or any Related Company, and (2) for which you have any direct or indirect responsibility or any involvement to plan, develop, manage, market, sell, oversee, support, implement or perform, or had any such responsibility or involvement within your most recent 24 months of employment with the Company or any Related Company. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, an activity shall not be treated as a Competitive Activity if the geographic marketing area of such same or similar products or services does not overlap with the geographic marketing area for the applicable products and services of the Company or any Related Company.

  • Competing Products The provisions of Section 21 are set forth on attached Exhibit H and are incorporated in this Section 21 by this reference.

  • Promotional Activities ‌ 31 At the request of North Sound BH-ASO, Provider shall display promotional materials in its 32 offices and facilities as practical, in accordance with applicable law and cooperate with and 33 participate in all reasonable marketing efforts. Provider shall not use any North Sound BH- 34 ASO name in any advertising or promotional materials without the prior written permission of 35 North Sound BH-ASO. 37 2.5 LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION AND OTHER STATE AND FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS‌ 38 Provider shall hold all necessary licenses, certifications, and permits required by law for the 39 performance of services to be provided under this Agreement. Provider shall maintain its 40 licensure and applicable certifications in good standing, free of disciplinary action, and in 41 unrestricted status throughout the term of this Agreement. Provider’s loss or suspension of 42 licensure or other applicable certifications, or its exclusion from any federally funded health 43 care program, including Medicare and Medicaid, may constitute cause for immediate 44 termination of this Agreement. Provider warrants and represents that each employee and 1 subcontractor, who is subject to professional licensing requirements, is duly licensed to 2 provide Behavioral Health Services. Provider shall ensure each employee and subcontractor 3 have and maintains in good standing for the term of this Agreement the licenses, permits, 4 registrations, certifications, and any other governmental authorizations to provide such 5 services.

  • Selection Planning Prior to the issuance to consultants of any requests for proposals, the proposed plan for the selection of consultants under the Project shall be furnished to the Association for its review and approval, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Appendix 1 to the Consultant Guidelines. Selection of all consultants’ services shall be undertaken in accordance with such selection plan as shall have been approved by the Association, and with the provisions of said paragraph 1.

  • Competitive Business “Competitive Business” shall mean each of the following entities: X.X. Penney Company, Inc., Macy’s, Inc., The Gap, Inc., Target Corporation, Sears Holdings Corporation, and any successors, subsidiaries or affiliates of these entities engaged in the operation of national retail department stores.

  • Restricted Territory Executive and Company understand and agree that Company’s business is not geographically restricted and is unrelated to the physical location of Company facilities or the physical location of any Competing Business, due to extensive use of the Internet, telephones, facsimile transmissions and other means of electronic information and product distribution. Executive and Company further understand and agree that Executive will, in part, work toward expanding Company’s markets and geographic business territories and will be compensated for performing this work on behalf of Company. Accordingly, Company has a protectable business interest in, and the parties intend the Restricted Territory to encompass, each and every location from which Executive could engage in a Competing Business in any country, state, province, county or other political subdivision in which Company has clients, employees, suppliers, distributors or other business partners or operations. If, but only if, this Restricted Territory is held to be invalid on the ground that it is unreasonably broad, the Restricted Territory shall include each location from which Executive can conduct business in any of the following locations: each state in the United States in which Company conducts sales or operations, each province within Canada in which Company conducts sales or operations, and each political subdivision of the United Kingdom in which Company conducts sales or operations. If, but only if, this Restricted Territory is held to be invalid on the grounds that it is unreasonably broad, then the Restricted Territory shall be any location within a fifty (50) mile radius of any Company office.

  • Professional Development Fund The employer agrees to contribute to the Professional Development Fund $138,370 effective September 1, 2020, $139,754 effective September 1, 2021, and $141,152 effective September 1, 2022. The purposes, criteria, procedures, eligibility and priorities for distribution of these monies shall be established by the Labour/Management Committee. The Director of the Centre for the Support of Teaching shall be invited to participate in the deliberations of the Committee. The monies shall be handled by the union, in accordance with the decisions of the Labour/Management Committee. An annual report on the disbursement of monies shall be submitted in writing to the Labour/Management Committee. Any unspent monies shall roll over into the subsequent contract period. The Parties suggest that the Committee consider the following two priorities:

  • Promotional Opportunities Each university shall promote upward mobility of employees by announcing opportunities as they occur. In all cases, it is the employee’s responsibility to make proper application for such positions. If an employee meets the minimum and special qualifications for a position, he/she will be considered.

  • Salary on Promotion (a) An employee shall be given no less than an increase to the next higher rate in the new salary range effective on the date of promotion. If an employee is demoted or removed during trial service as a result of a promotion, his/her salary shall be reduced to the former step, and the previous salary eligibility date shall be restored. If the employee’s salary eligibility date occurs during the promotional trial service period, upon reinstatement to the previous class, the salary eligibility date prior to promotion will be recognized.