Project Coordinator definition

Project Coordinator means the employee of Alamo Colleges District designated in Exhibit A hereto who will manage the relationship between Alamo Colleges District and Contractor. The designated employee will be knowledgeable of the Project and be experienced in managing projects similar to the one established herein.
Project Coordinator means the person appointed by the Recipient as the Coordinator of the PCU.
Project Coordinator means the individual appointed by a party to act as a project coordinator for each Services engagement to (i) coordinate the performance of its obligations under the Agreement, (ii) act as its representative regarding the Services, and (iii) maintain primary responsibility for communication with the other party in relation to the Services.

Examples of Project Coordinator in a sentence

The Project Coordinator may not assist in completion of the student work.

Collect and suggest offers to the FANTASMEEM Project Coordinator in accordance to Goethe-Institut regulations.

The Project Coordinator may assist the student with this documentation process by photographing, recording, or otherwise making digital copies of student work.

A weekly site meeting shall be held between the UNDP Project Coordinator or engineer, if any, the representative of the Contractor and the Engineer or the Engineer's Representative, in order to verify that the Works are progressing normally and are executed in accordance with the Contract.

Interview with the EMIS Project Coordinator held by Auditors on 18.10.2017.

More Definitions of Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator means that person appointed by the IWRB to administer this Contract on behalf of the IWRB and the term includes, except as otherwise provided in this Contract, an authorized representative of the Project Coordinator acting within the limits of his authority.
Project Coordinator for Unity and the “Project Manager” for Ascentage will be specified in the Project Addendum for each Project. The Project Coordinator and the Project Manager will be responsible for day-to-day communications between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement, including without limitation all Project Addenda and any Services and other activities conducted under any Project.
Project Coordinator means the employee of Alamo Colleges designated in Exhibit A hereto who will manage the relationship between Alamo Colleges and Contractor. The designated employee will be knowledgeable of the Project and be experienced in managing projects similar to the one established herein. PROJECT OBJECTIVE(S) AND SCOPE. The Project objective and scope is defined in Exhibit A. PROJECT DELIVERABLES. Contractor’s Project deliverables are set forth in Exhibit A. SUPPLEMENTAL DELIVERABLES OR RATE CHANGES. Additional services resulting from project modifications or changes will be performed at Contractor’s discretion with Alamo Colleges’ written approval and will be invoiced at the then current Contractor service rates. ACCESS. The Parties agree to grant one another, their employees and agents assigned to the Project reasonable access to appropriate portions of one another’s facilities to the extent reasonably necessary to perform their obligations under this Agreement. COMMUNICATION. The Parties agree to communicate in furtherance of the Project, including but not limited to setting mutually agreed upon hours in which Alamo Colleges and Contractor will perform the Project Deliverables and notifying one another of any and all changes in personnel, operations, or policies that may affect the Project. POLICIES. The Parties agree to advise one another, and their respective employee(s) assigned to the Project, of their responsibility for complying with one another’s existing rules and regulations, and of the content of same.
Project Coordinator means the individual designated in writing by the City Manager who shall be the City's authorized representative to coordinate, direct, and review (on behalf of the City) all matters related to the Project during the design and construction of the Project (unless expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement or the Contract Documents). 1.7 [Intentionally Omitted] 1.8 BASIC SERVICES: "Basic Services" shall include those services which Consultant shall perform in accordance with the terms of the Agreement (and as required to complete the Project), as further described in Article 2 and Schedule "A" hereto. In addition any Services not specifically addressed as Additional Services(as defined herein) shall be considered Basic Services. 1.9 PROJECT: The "Project" shall mean that certain City capital project that has been approved by the City Commission and is described in Schedule"A" hereto. 1.9.1 Project Cost:The "Project Cost", shall mean the estimated total cost of the Project, as prepared and established by the City, including the estimated Construction Cost and Soft Costs. The Project Cost may, from time to time, be revised or adjusted by the City, in its sole discretion, to accommodate approved modifications or changes to the Project or scope of work. 1.9.2 Project Scope: The "Project Scope" shall mean the description of the Project in Schedule"A" hereto. 1.10 CONSTRUCTION COST: The "Construction Cost" shall mean the sum which is the actual total cost to the City of the Work(as established in the Contract Documents, as they may be amended from time to time), including a contingency allowance for unforeseen conditions, not to exceed ten percent(10%) of the construction cost for new construction, or twenty percent(20%) of the construction cost for rehabilitation of historic buildings. For Work not constructed, the Construction Cost shall be the same as the lowest bona fide bid or competitive bid received and accepted from a responsive and responsible bidder or proposer for such Work. 1.10.1
Project Coordinator means the Executive Director of FIRCA.
Project Coordinator means the person appointed by the Executive Secretary of the ARCN for that position.