Professional Sample Clauses

Professional. Liability insurance shall be written with limits no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 policy aggregate limit, as applicable.
Professional. Activity Days shall not be considered instructional days for the purpose of scheduling preparation time.
Professional. A teacher may be granted temporary leave to pursue professionally related activities.
Professional. Upon ten (10) days notice in writing a leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority, will be granted to nurses for the purpose of attending professional meetings to a maximum of forty (40) hours lost time per year for the Bargaining Unit. Professional meetings will be posted in advance on bulletin boards to enable interested nurses to apply and selection shall be made by the Employer from among these applications. No more than one (1) nurse in the Bargaining Unit shall be away at any one time.
Professional. The term “Professional” shall mean any Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.
Professional management, and administrative expertise, advice, analysis, studies, or reports in areas such as:  program management, execution, and control; procurement management; employee training and development; payroll and finance administration;  budget formulation and execution;  cost and benefit analysis; economic and regulatory analysis; environmental analysis; energy management analysis; management and organizational evaluation;  staffing, workload and workflow analysis; conferences, seminars, and meetings;  public events and writing; and expertise and analysis on the effectiveness, efficiency, or economy of management and general administrative operations and procedures. Related administrative support services in these areas are necessary to provide ancillary support to these projects.
Professional. Where an employee, or group of employees, covered by this agreement and governed by an Ontario College under the Health Disciplines Act, have cause to believe that they are being asked to perform more work than is consistent with proper patient care it is agreed by the parties that such workload problems may be discussed by the local Labour Management Committee. Such complaint must be filed in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days of the alleged improper assignment.
Professional. A teacher may request time off with pay for attendance at programs, conferences, workshops or seminars conducted by colleges, universities, governmental agencies, the NEA, ISTA, IEA, or affiliates thereof, and any other professional organization whose activities are related to education or the job of a teacher. Such request shall be directed to the Superintendent or his/her designee. The Board may provide sufficient funds to pay expenses incurred by teachers on professional leaves. The Board may consider projected teacher absenteeism for the day for which leave is requested in considering such requests.
Professional. Services Consultant shall assist Contractor with scheduling and coordinating deliveries of each Vendor with the Owner. Professional Services Consultant shall arrange for space within the building for each vendor to store or set up FF&E items with the Contractor. Professional Services Consultant shall review all deliveries as they arrive for damages.
Professional. In the event that the Employer assigns a number of patients or a workload to an individual nurse or group of nurses, such that she or they have cause to believe that she or they are being asked to perform more work than consistent with proper patient care, she or they shall: