Elementary Teacher definition

Elementary Teacher means an Elementary Teacher other than an Occasional Teacher employed by the Board in its elementary panel.

Examples of Elementary Teacher in a sentence

  • The Mount Saint Mary’s University Elementary Teacher Preparation Program is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved program for the preparation of students for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as defined by SB 2042.

  • Elementary Teacher, 5/6th Grade Center, for the purpose of retirement.

  • Elementary Teacher, Evans Elementary School, for the purpose of retirement.

  • Elementary Teacher assigned to Stroudsburg Intermediate School at the annual salary of $35,900.00 (BS, Step 1) effective August 25, 2005.

  • Elementary Teacher, Oaks Elementary School, for the purpose of retirement.

  • Domizio) Assignment: Binghamton High School FUNDING: A2110-150-19-255 2019-7-C15RESIGNATION ELEMENTARY TEACHER STEPHANIE MILLERRESOLVED, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, that the resignation of STEPHANIE MILLER, Elementary Teacher, be and is hereby accepted, effective at the end of the day on August 31, 2019.

  • Additional requirements for the Elementary Teacher Education major vary at each CSU campus.

  • That we endorse the Elementary Teacher Workload Report as altered by the meeting of representatives of VESTA, Surrey Teachers’ Association and the Burnaby Teachers’ Association.

  • Elementary Teacher, Royersford Elementary School, replacing Kevin M.

  • Elementary Teacher, Royersford Elementary School, for the purpose of retirement.

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