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Potential. Development Candidate” or “PRDC” shall mean any Lead Compound that has been nominated by the [***] or [***] for consideration by [***] as a [***]. [*] Certain information on this page has been redacted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Potential. Game Site. 100% of NFLE’s net profits from the *** game site shall be contributed to SportsLine, on behalf of the Interactive Parties, as Gross Revenues for purposes of profits and cost recovery allocations under Section 16. Upon the execution of the agreement for the Websites produced by *** the agreement shall remain in place and be administered by NFLE; *** of NFLE’s net profits shall be contributed as Gross Revenues for purposes of profits and cost recovery allocations under Section 16. The Interactive Parties shall not receive a share of any *** equity allocated to NFLE under those proposed arrangements. NFLE agrees that in the event that NFLE is unable to secure the consent of any of the relevant third parties to the assignment of the net proceeds from such existing projects and sponsorships as outlined above, NFLE shall pay to SportsLine as Gross Revenues, on or before *** , an amount in cash equal to the aggregate amount of allocable revenues or net profits actually received from such third parties for which such consent to assignment has not been obtained. NFLE shall use commercially reasonable efforts to enforce the third party obligations of such agreements, and the Interactive Parties acknowledge and agree that SportsLine shall comply with the placement and promotional obligations on the NFL Sites for such agreements as outlined in Exhibit L, Part D. NFLE shall be permitted to renew or extend any such agreement on substantially similar terms; provided that such renewal or extension shall not further erode the exclusivity granted to the Interactive Parties in Section 3 hereof.