Acquisition of Securities Sample Clauses

Acquisition of Securities. The Company shall not, and shall cause its Affiliates not to, resell or otherwise dispose of any Securities acquired by them, in the open market or otherwise, and shall, and shall cause its Affiliates to, surrender all such Securities acquired to the Trustee for cancellation.
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Acquisition of Securities. No proceeds of any Loan or any drawing under any Letter of Credit will be used to acquire any security in any transaction without the approval of the board of directors of the Person issuing such security if (i) the acquisition of such security would cause any Borrower to own, directly or indirectly, 5.0% or more of any outstanding class of securities issued by such Person, or (ii) such security is being acquired in connection with a tender offer.
Acquisition of Securities. Section 1. Acquisition of SHCR Common Stock by Stockholders. Pursuant to the Purchase Option Agreements and the Restrictive Covenant Agreements, each Stockholder has been issued by SHCR the respective number of shares of SHCR Common Stock (as defined in the Purchase Option Agreement), set forth opposite the name of that Stockholder on Schedule A to this Agreement.
Acquisition of Securities. The Manager will not and will procure that no Approved Person (who has entered into a subcontract with the Manager as described in clause 3.4.4) or any Connected Person of the Manager will acquire, purchase or subscribe for any Security unless the Security has first been offered to the Company on no less favourable terms and the board has resolved not to take up or accept the opportunity to invest on the same terms.
Acquisition of Securities. (a) During the Standstill Period, Cargill will not acquire, or agree, offer or seek or propose to acquire, directly or indirectly, alone or in concert with any other Person, by purchase, gift, business combination or otherwise, any shares of Company Common Stock, or direct or indirect rights or options to acquire (through purchase, exchange, conversion or otherwise) any shares of Company Common Stock, from any other holder of Company Common Stock of the Company.
Acquisition of Securities. The Portfolio Manager shall not arrange for the Issuer acquire any Security, and the Issuer shall not enter into, or become bound to acquire any Security (i) during the Amortization Period or (ii) if such Security does not constitute an Eligible Security or a Short-Term Investment.
Acquisition of Securities. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, Toronto Dominion shall not be entitled to acquire any shares of Capital Stock of the Company hereunder, including, without limitation, under Sections 2.3 and 2.5, if the acquisition of such shares would cause Toronto Dominion to hold shares of Capital Stock in the Company in excess of the amount permitted under the Bank Holding Company Act (as defined below).
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Acquisition of Securities. Purchase, exchange or otherwise acquire any equity securities of any other Person, other than the acquisition of equity of a direct or indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.
Acquisition of Securities. In connection with the offer of the Securities hereby, the Company has duly authorized the issuance to the Subscriber of the Securities listed on the signature page of this Agreement pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Preferred Stock will have the rights, preferences, privileges, restrictions and voting power set forth in the Company’s Certificate of Designation and Preferences for the Series B Convertible Preferred Stock as set forth in the attached Exhibit A and the Warrants will be issued pursuant to the terms and conditions of the form of Warrant as set forth in the attached Exhibit B. The Securities will be subject to the Registration Rights Agreement set forth in the attached Exhibit C.
Acquisition of Securities. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, at the Closing:
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