Pandemic Sample Clauses

Pandemic. An epidemic that spreads over a wide area, crossing borders and defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and/or by the competent local authorities of the country where the loss occurred. Quarantine Isolation of the person, in the event of suspected illness or proven illness, decided by a competent local authority, in order to avoid a risk of spreading said illness in the context of an epidemic or pandemic.
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Pandemic. The disease known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) which was characterised to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March 2020.
Pandemic. An epidemic occurring over a widespread area (multiple countries or continents) and usually affecting a substantial proportion of the population.
Pandemic. If either of the Parties is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement due to its evolving policies related to the COVID-19 health pandemic , or because of uncertainty related to the impac t of COVID-19, either Party may terminate this Agreement upon not less than 7 days’ written notice to the other, in which case neither Party shall have any further obligations to the other, including any obligation to pay for goods and/or services not actually performed and/or delivered prior to the written notice of termination. J&J AFFILIATE may cancel any meeting upon notice without liability, cancellation fees or damages, in the event of the COVID-19 health pandemic and/or any other health pandemic for which the World Health Organization and/or other local government al and/or health authorities issue travel alerts or warnings recommending against non- essential travel to Event’s location and/or against meetings of groups of people, making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to provide the facilities or to have the meeting/Event, or if the meeting/Event could create a significant risk to the health and safety of participants. In case of early termination or cancellation by J&J Affiliate due to the abovementione d reasons, the Recipient will be reimbursed for any actual and documented costs, which are directly related to the Project and have been already incurred and which cannot be recouped through cancellation policies.If the meeting/Event is a physical meeting and is converted into digital form or otherwise converted into a different form than originally agreed upon, the meeting/Event costs and related payment will be re-evaluated by the Parties. In particular, the organizer or the delegated agency shall provide J&J AFFILIATE with a list and detailed breakdown of the actual costs incurred for the provision of the obligations set out in this Agreement to allow performanc e in the changed form (which are expected to be lower than the costs that may have been incurred for a face-to-face meeting/Event). In case of such conversion to a different meeting/Event form, J&J AFFILIATE shall be obliged to pay only the newly identified amount or shall be entitled to receive reimburse ment of the difference between the originally agreed upon contractual amount and the re-evaluated amount within 30 (thirty) days of J&J AFFILIATE's written request to the organizer. Such provisions shall take precedence over any other contracting provisions and/or other agreements an...
Pandemic. I understand that the Director of Housing and Residence Life or designee may terminate my apartment privileges if I violate WSU policy and regulations or refuse to obey a valid health or safety-related directive of a Residence Life, Housing Services, Dining Services or Auxiliary Facilities Services staff member. I further understand that failure to comply with a valid federal, state, local, or University health or safety-related directive may also result in termination. This includes, without limitation, health or safety directives, proclamations, or orders issued by the governor, Washington State Department of Health, the Whitman County Director of Public Health, or a Residence Life, Housing Services, Dining Services or Auxiliary Facilities Services staff member. For the purposes of illustration and not limitation, such directives could include: limiting or eliminating guests or visitors to your apartment; agreeing to submit to bio security checks such as temperature checks; wearing protective equipment such as masks; and being directed to isolate or quarantine due to pandemic related illness. In addition, the failure to comply with directives of University officials acting in performance of their duties and/or the law is a violation of the WSU Standards of Conduct for Students and may result in a referral for disciplinary action under these standards. I understand that Housing Services reserves the right to reassign (permanently or temporarily) individuals at any time (and the right to use unassigned space in the apartment). Parking
Pandemic. I understand that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, local and national governments have enacted or may enact border, travel, and stay-at- home restrictions; and that the trajectory of the virus at the local, national, and international levels is unpredictable. Moreover, health care systems in many countries either are overwhelmed or are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases. I further understand that Harvard’s current policy permits Harvard-related international travel for those who are fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot in accordance with the University’s COVID-19 vaccination and booster requirements and prohibits all other Harvard-related international travel until further notice, with limited exceptions upon request via a petition process established by the Office of the Vice Xxxxxxx for International Affairs. I confirm that I either: (a) am fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot in accordance with Harvard’s COVID-19 vaccination and booster requirements, and I am traveling to an international destination; or (b) have been granted a medical or religious exception from Harvard’s COVID-19 vaccination and booster requirements, am complying with all public health measures required by Harvard and all applicable requirements of any national, state or local government, including masking and testing, and I voluntarily have chosen to petition for an exception to Harvard’s prohibition against Harvard-related international travel. I understand that all activities I undertake as part of the Program must comply with all national/local/domestic travel restrictions, self-isolation/quarantine requirements, and lockdown orders. I agree to abide by all of these, even if they prevent me from conducting activities that may have been planned as part of the Program. Version 030722 In addition to the other risks described in this document, I recognize that my participation in the Program means I may be subjected to potential risks, illnesses, injuries, and even death as a result either of contracting COVID-19 or of any actions or omissions of governments, private entities, or other parties with respect to COVID-19. I have made my own investigation of these risks, understand these risks, and assume them knowingly and willingly.
Pandemic. L67:01 In the event of a pandemic declared by the Ministry of Health, which may impact upon the Upper Grand District School Board, the parties agree to meet to discuss the potential impact on the operations of the Board/schools.
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Pandemic. Contractor shall follow and adhere to the College’s COVID-19 policies and procedures when performing services at any PGCC Campus location and while engaging in-person with PGCC students and personnel. The College’s most current COVID-19 policies and procedures can be located at: xxxxx://
Pandemic. (B) Include an outline of the caregiver's duties during an evacuation.
Pandemic. Epidemic illness that reaches level 5 of the pandemic severity index of the World Health Organization, because the illness has spread to at least two countries within a World Health Organization region. PREMIUM: The price of the insurance. It will include the legally applicable taxes.
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