Pandemic Sample Clauses

Pandemic. If either of the Parties is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement due to its evolving policies related to the COVID-19 health pandemic , or because of uncertainty related to the impac t of COVID-19, either Party may terminate this Agreement upon not less than 7 days’ written notice to the other, in which case neither Party shall have any further obligations to the other, including any obligation to pay for goods and/or services not actually performed and/or delivered prior to the written notice of termination. J&J AFFILIATE may cancel any meeting upon notice without liability, cancellation fees or damages, in the event of the COVID-19 health pandemic and/or any other health pandemic for which the World Health Organization and/or other local governmental and/or health authorities issue travel alerts or warnings recommending against non- essential travel to Hotel’s / Meeting’s/ Event’s location and/or against meetings of groups of people, making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to provide the facilities or to have the meeting/Event, or if the meeting/Event could create a significant risk to the health and safety of participants. In case of early termination or cancellation by J&J Affiliate due to the abovementioned reasons, the Recipient will be reimbursed for any actual and documented costs, which are directly related to the Project and have been already incurred and which cannot be recouped through cancellation policies.If the meeting/Event is a physical meeting and is converted into digital form or otherwise converted into a different form than originally agreed upon, the meeting/Event costs and related payment will be re-evaluated by the Parties. In particular, the organizer or the delegated agency shall provide J&J AFFILIATE with a list and detailed breakdown of the actual costs incurred for the provision of the obligations set out in this Agreement to allow performanc e in the c hanged form (which are expected to be lower than the costs that may have been incurred for a face-to-face meeting/Event). In case of such conversion to a different meeting/Event form, J&J AFFILIATE shall be obliged to pay only the newly identified amount or shall be entitled to receive reimbursement of the difference between the originally agreed upon contractual amount and the re-evaluated amount within 30 (thirty) days of J&J AFFILIATE's written request to the organizer. Such provisions shall take precedence over any other contracting provisions and/or ...
Pandemic. I understand that the Director of Housing and Residence Life or designee may terminate my apartment privileges if I, or members of my household, violate WSU policy and regulations or refuse to obey a valid health or safety-related directive of a Residence Life, Housing Services, or Dining Services staff member. I further understand that failure to comply with a valid federal, state, local, or University health or safety-related directive may also result in termination. This includes, without limitation, COVID-19 related health or safety directives, proclamations, or orders issued by the governor, Washington State Department of Health, the Xxxxxxx County Director of Public Health, or a Residence Life, Housing Services, or Auxiliary Facilities Services staff member. For the purposes of illustration and not limitation, such directives could include: limiting or eliminating guests or visitors to your apartment; agreeing to submit to bio security checks such as temperature checks; wearing protective equipment such as masks; and being directed to isolate or quarantine due to heightened COVID-19 risk factors such as recent travel from areas with high-rates of community transmission of COVID-19, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and known exposure to another individual with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation and these directives may change at any time. In addition, the failure to comply with directives of University officials acting in performance of their duties and/or the law is a violation of the WSU Standards of Conduct for Students and may result in a referral for disciplinary action under these standards. I understand that Housing Services reserves the right to reassign (permanently or temporarily) individuals at any time. This includes the right to reassign an individual based on COVID-19 related concerns, including suspected or confirmed cases, quarantining and isolation orders or guidance, or other official health guidance. I understand that COVID-19, is a highly infectious, life-threatening disease declared by the World Health Organization to be a global pandemic. COVID-19’s highly contagious nature means that contact with others, exposure by proximity, or contact with surfaces that have been exposed to the virus, can lead to infection. Additionally, individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic for a period of time, or may never become symptomatic at all. Because of its h...
Pandemic. For purposes of this Agreement we will refer to the program as the COVID-19 AT&T U.S. Cash Award Program (“Cash Award Program” or “CAP”). This Agreement provides for a cash award for attendance during a period of exceptional challenges arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Pandemic. Federal pandemic-related relief for public transit services shall be divided proportionally in a manner similar to the FTA 5311 funds between the City and District for any eligible County operating expenses incurred prior to July 1, 2021.
Pandemic. Contractor shall follow and adhere to the College’s COVID-19 policies and procedures when performing services at any PGCC Campus location and while engaging in-person with PGCC students and personnel. The College’s most current COVID-19 policies and procedures can be located at: xxxxx://
Pandemic. For purposes of this agreement, we will refer to the program as the COVID-19 BST flexible workplace program. COVID – 19 AT&T U.S. Flexible Workplace Program Temporary and Limited Participation
Pandemic. If the services undertaken by the Chamber to delegates or companies cannot be provided due to changes in this context, their payments will be refunded to them. Changes regarding the organization of the Congress will be announced by the Chamber at and Our chamber is a public occupational organization founded under the 135th article of the constitution related with 6235 law no. Adress: Xxxxx Mühendisleri Odası Selanik Cd. . No: 19/4 . 06650 . Kızılay Xxxxxxx - Xxxxxx / XXXXXX GSM: +00 000 000 00 00 . Fax: +00 000 000 00 00 . E-mail: .