Housing Services definition

Housing Services means the active search and promotion of individual access to, and choice in, safe and affordable housing that is appropriate to the individual's age, culture, and needs.
Housing Services means providing housing accommodation and related services and includes anything done, or required to be done, in relation to

Examples of Housing Services in a sentence

  • I/We further authorize MCO Housing Services to verify any and all income, assets and other financial information, to verify any and all household, resident location and workplace information and directs any employer, landlord or financial institution to release any information to MCO Housing Services and consequently the project’s monitoring agency, for the purpose of determining income eligibility.

  • Licensee shall not use or permit the use of the licensed premises in violation of any applicable laws, rules, regulations or ordinances, including the laws of the United States of America, the laws of the State of New York, the ordinances of the City of New York, the rules and regulations of the owner of the Building, the policies and procedures of Educational Housing Services, Inc.

  • This set out the Council’s overall aims and objectives for Housing Services, as well as laying out plans to manage the increased risks and opportunities.

  • Housing Services to a Rental Unit shall include a proportionate part of services provided to common facilities of the building in which the Rental Unit is contained.

  • Housing Services and the Housing Hub is an integrated service and the staff teams operate operationally together.

More Definitions of Housing Services

Housing Services means services or activities designed to assist individuals or families in locating, obtaining, or retaining suitable housing. Component services or activities may include tenant counseling; helping individuals and families to identify and correct substandard housing conditions on behalf of individuals and families who are unable to protect their own interests; and assisting individuals and families to understand leases, secure utilities, make moving arrangements and minor renovations.
Housing Services means provision or assistance with: