Transmission Service Sample Clauses

Transmission Service. Point-To-Point Transmission Service provided under Part II of the Tariff on a firm and non-firm basis.
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Transmission Service. 6.1 Subject to the terms of this Agreement, IID shall provide to Producer and Producer shall purchase from IID transmission service over IID's transmission system for each Plant. IID shall make arrangements with Edison to provide, at Producer's or Edison's expense, for the transfer of the electrical power to be delivered to Edison hereunder from IID's transmission system to Edison's transmission system at the Point(s) of Delivery.
Transmission Service. Nothing in this Service Agreement conveys a right to transmission service under the Tariff. Customer or its agent shall obtain transmission service subject to the rates, terms and conditions of the Tariff under a separate agreement.
Transmission Service. 2.1 The trade across the Power Transmission will be executed by deliveries under Bilateral Trade or by Direct Trade. For the purposes of Direct Trade, the term Customer refers to the Customer itself or to the principal who has authorised the Customer.
Transmission Service. If United Power requires transmission service from Tri-State subsequent to the Withdrawal Time, United Power shall have the sole obligation to apply for and obtain transmission service commencing on the Withdrawal Time, and Tri-State shall have no liability to United Power for United Power’s failure to apply for or obtain such transmission service pursuant to the terms and conditions of Tri-State’s Open Access Transmission Tariff (“OATT”), with the exception of Tri-State’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of its OATT, provided that Tri-State shall reasonably cooperate with United Power in connection with such application in accordance with its OATT. Nothing in this Contract shall restrict, limit or modify in any way United Power’s right to receive any refunds that are ordered by FERC related to United Power’s status as a transmission customer under Tri-State’s OATT.
Transmission Service. All Transmission Service which uses the West Facilities-UGP shall be under the SPP OATT.
Transmission Service. NRPPD shall have the sole obligation to apply for and obtain transmission service commencing on the Withdrawal Time and Tri-State shall have no liability to NRPPD for its failure to apply for or obtain such transmission service.
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Transmission Service. Each Lessee/Owner Party shall be responsible for all transmission costs and arrangements associated with receipt of its share of the output of the Unit at, and for delivery from, the Point of Delivery.
Transmission Service. FOR THE POWER PLANT UNIT NO. -------------------- ------------------------- EII-1. DESCRIPTION: EII-2. APPLICABILITY: Applicable to the transmission service to be provided by IID to Producer for transmitting the electrical output from the______________________________________________________________ Point of Receipt to the Point(s) of Delivery. EII-3. PLANT CONNECTION AGREEMENT: The__________________________ Plant Connection Agreement to be executed between IID and Producer.
Transmission Service. Point-to-Point Transmission Service provided on a firm and non-firm basis under Part II herein.
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