Subdivision Plat definition

Subdivision Plat means the graphical representation of the subdivision of land, prepared by a licensed professional land surveyor, having a number or letter designation for each lot within the plat and a succinct name or title that is unique for the county where the land is located.
Subdivision Plat means a map of a platted subdivision recorded for the purpose of creating land parcels which can be identified uniquely by reference to such map.
Subdivision Plat means a plat of subdivision of land prepared in accordance with either or both of the following:

Examples of Subdivision Plat in a sentence

  • If the final Subdivision Plat is not recorded prior to expiration of the reservation deadline as set forth herein, the Subdivider agrees and acknowledges that capacity shall not be guaranteed.

  • Capacity is not guaranteed until the final Subdivision Plat is recorded.

  • No Subdivision Plat shall be considered finally approved until the Plat has been recorded.

  • Prior to the development of the Property, a Subdivision Plat shall be recorded to create developable lots and grant easements necessary to serve the development.

  • Approval of the Zoning does not waive any additional requirements of the development as established with the Subdivision Plat, Developer’s Agreement, or any Development Permit associated with the Property.

More Definitions of Subdivision Plat

Subdivision Plat means a final plat(s) of subdivision for the Project, or any Phase or portion thereof, prepared in accordance with the County Code and approved by the Planning Commission.
Subdivision Plat means a recorded graphic description of property prepared and approved in compliance with the Current Regulations, as modified in this Agreement.
Subdivision Plat means a final plat(s) of subdivision for the property or 4 any phase or portion thereof, prepared in accordance with the County Code and approved by DPZ 5 and/or the Planning Board.
Subdivision Plat means and refer to the map or plat of the settlement at BLOCK HOUSE CREEK, PHASE “E,” SECTION 614, recorded in Cabinet H, Slides 269-271 of the Plat Records of Williamson County, Texas.
Subdivision Plat means a recorded plat causing a legal subdivision of all or any portion of South Bay.
Subdivision Plat means the final map or drawing, described in these regulations, on which the subdivider’s plan of subdivision is presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council for approval and which, if approved, may be submitted to the County Clerk or Recorder of Deeds for filing.
Subdivision Plat means a map of certain described land prepared by a registered land surveyor in accord with Article 6, Division 4, the Subdivision Regulations, as an instrument for recording of real estate interests with the County Clerk.