OBJECTS Sample Clauses

OBJECTS. 1.01 The objects of this Agreement are to maintain a harmonious relationship between the Company and its employees, to provide an amicable and equitable method of settling grievances or differences which might possibly arise; to maintain mutually satisfactory working conditions, hours and wages for all employees who are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.
OBJECTS. (1) The object of this agreement is to provide the form and substance of the conditions of employment, including rates of pay, applicable to clerical trainees in Western Australia employed under Australian Traineeships Scheme (ATS) and who, but for being a trainee under that scheme would be covered by an award to which the union is a party.
OBJECTS. The objects of the company are, directly and indirectly, in France and abroad: - all operations relating to the design and the sale of products and the rendering of services in the computer industries and in connected industries; - and generally, any financial, commercial, industrial, civil, real estate or chattels operations related directly or indirectly to the above activities and to any similar or connected activities as well as to any social properties. Directly and indirectly on its behalf or on behalf of third parties, either alone, or with third parties, by way of creation of new companies, contributions, partnership, subscription, purchase of securities or of social rights, merger, association, or by way of subleasing of any properties or rights.
OBJECTS. 1.1 The objects of the Syndicate are:
OBJECTS. 8.1 The objects of this agreement are to provide a sound foundation for: