Object Sample Clauses

Object. The corporate object is as follows: Development and operation in any form and under any conditions whatsoever, of all and any business relating to the geophysical survey of the soil and subsoil in any all countries, on behalf of third parties or on its own behalf. Direct or indirect participation in any business, firm or Company whose object would be likely to promote the corporate object. And, generally, any business, industrial, mining, financial, personal or real property operations relating directly or indirectly to the above object without limitation or reserve.
Object. The object of this Agreement is to lay down the terms and conditions upon which the Network User will be able, on and from the Start Date, to subscribe to Services offered by the TSO and upon which the TSO shall perform such Services.
Object. The objects of the Company are, directly or indirectly: - the conduct of all industrial, commercial, shipping, financial, real property and asset transactions in France and abroad, notably in the following fields:- energy;- transmission and distribution of energy;- transport;- industrial equipment;- naval construction and repair work;- engineering and consultancy, design and/or production studies and general contracting associated with public or private works and construction; and- more generally activities related or incidental to the above: - participation, by every means, directly or indirectly, in any operations which may be associated with its objects, by the creation of new companies, capital contributions, subscription or purchase of stocks or rights, merger with such companies or otherwise; the creation, acquisition, lease or takeover of business goodwill or businesses; the adoption, acquisition, operation or sale of any processes and patents concerning such activities; and- generally undertaking all industrial, commercial, financial and civil operations and real property and asset transactions that may be directly or indirectly associated with the Company's objects or with any similar or related object.Furthermore, the Company can take an interest, of whatever form, in any French or foreign business or organisation.
Object. The object of this LSA is to lay down the terms and conditions upon which the Shipper will be able, on the Service Start Date, to subscribe to the LNG Services in relation to the LNG Terminal of Zeebrugge and upon which the Terminal Operator shall perform said LNG Services. The provisions of this LSA and its attachments will be applicable only to the extent that the Shipper has subscribed LNG Services and only for the performance of such subscribed Services.
Object. 2nd Clause- The present Contract has the aim of establishing the term and conditions that will regulate the purchase and sale of Electrical Energy Contracted by the Parties, the delivery of which will be made in a symbolic manner by Seller to Purchaser at the Delivery Spot, during the period of validity of this Contract, through the payment of the Price. First Paragraph- For the purposes of this Contract, it shall be considered that Seller shall have delivered the Contracted Electrical Energy to Purchaser, and Purchaser will have received the Contracted Electrical Energy from Seller. Second Paragraph- It is understood and agreed that the rights over the Electrical Energy commercialized between the Parties, according to the established in this Contract, shall not be altered, in case of MAE modifying the form or frequency of registry, accounting or liquidation of the Contracting positions of its agents regarding the contracted volumes agreed on by the Parties. Such right shall not be altered in case ANEEL modifies the methodology of calculation of the MAE Price, be this alteration in terms of advancement or frequency with which this price is calculated. Third Paragraph- The volume of purchased Electrical Energy may be reduced, keeping the same proportional percentages of contracted energy, due to the reduction established by ANEEL for Ensured Electrical Energy or due to the characterization of Rationing.
Object. The object of the contract is to define the conditions of the residency (“Residency”) of the Artist with the ICT R&D Project, with the support of the Producer, in the framework of VERTIGO. The goal of the Residency is twofold:- The production of an original artwork (“Artwork”), based on the ICT Technology, to be designed by the Artist and produced as part of the Residency, following the artistic project (“Artistic Project”) presented in Exhibit 2.- To be the framework of a collaboration between the Artist and the ICT R&D Project, in order to elaborate new and innovative ideas about the ICT Technology. The execution of the Residency shall follow the workplan (“Workplan”) described in Exhibit 3. The Workplan shall include at least two deadlines of delivery associated to a meeting between all the Parties, one at mid-term and the second at the end. Any change on the workplan shall be jointly agreed in advance in written and traceable form by all the Parties. The mid-term deadline shall include a review involving all Parties and the production of a short video presenting the done work for the VERTIGO public dissemination The final outcome of the Residency will include the delivery of the following elements:- The Artwork ready for public exposure in cultural venues [only here for Category 1], which may be in the form of sketches or prototypes but preferably in the form of achieved works [only here for Category 2], in the form of an achieved work and its fully functional technical setup;- A confidential report presenting the work done, the process followed for the execution of the residency in reference to its workplan, its outcomes, [and a financial annex presenting the incurred expenses by each Party in reference to the budget defined in Article 4]. The diffusion of the report will be restricted to the Parties, the VERTIGO partners, the ICT R&D Project partners and the ICT R&D Project Funding Body;- [If relevant depending on the nature of the Artwork] A technical documentation of the Artwork describing the setup necessary for implementing it;- Public materials in English language presenting the main outcomes of the Residency: a video of 2 to 5 minutes and a 4 pages document at A4 format.
Object. The object of this Standard Storage Agreement is to lay down the terms and conditions upon which the Storage User will be able, on and from the Start Date, to subscribe to the Storage Services in relation to the Storage Installation of Loenhout and upon which the Storage Operator shall perform said Storage Services.
Object. 1) On behalf of the Controller and based on the Contract agreed to on [DD/MM/YYYY] (“Principal Agreement”), the Processor shall carry out services in the following sectors for the Controller: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .In doing so, the Processor shall gain access to personal data and shall process said data exclusively on behalf of and according to the instructions given by the Controller, unless otherwise required by EU law or a legal provision of one of the Member States applicable to the Processor. The scope and purpose of the Processor’s data processing are as concluded in the Principal Agreement (and, if applicable, the corresponding service description), as well as described in Annex 1 to this Agreement. The Controller shall be the sole judge of the lawfulness of the processing under Article 6 (1) GDPR.(2) The Parties have agreed to the following in order to specify their mutual rights and obligations under data protection law. In case of doubt, the provisions of this Agreement shall supersede the provisions of the Principal Agreement. (3) The provisions laid out by this Agreement shall be applicable to all activities which are performed in connection with the Principal Agreement and by the Processor, their employees or agents when encountering personal data originating from, collected for or otherwise processed on behalf of the Controller.