Public resources definition

Public resources means water, fish, and wildlife and in addition means capital improvements of the state or its political subdivisions.

Examples of Public resources in a sentence

  • Public resources cannot be used for cam- paign purposes.(Code Section 68A.505)4.

  • Public resources may be used to produce and distribute communications that do not expressly advocate for or against a candidate or that do not expressly advocate for or against a ballot issue.5.5(6) Use of job title.

More Definitions of Public resources

Public resources means water, fish and wildlife, and in
Public resources means public money and State property;
Public resources means the moneys, time, property, facilities, equipment, and supplies of the executive branch of state government, a county, city, public school, or other political subdivision. (Iowa Admin. Code r. 351-5.3(68A)) General prohibition. Unless one of the exceptions in rule 351-5.5(68A) applies, the public officials and public employees of the City shall not permit public resources to be used to expressly advocate the nomination, election, or defeat of a candidate or to expressly advocate the passage or defeat of a ballot issue. (Iowa Admin. Code r. 351-5.4(68A))Specific Conduct Prohibited. The following specific conduct or actions are deemed to be the prohibited use of public resources for a political purpose: A. Using public resources to solicit or accept campaign contributions. B. Using public resources to solicit votes, engage in campaign work, or poll voters on their preferences for candidates or ballot issues. The prohibition on polling voters by using public resources does not apply to authorized research at a public university.
Public resources means public money and property owned by the Government or property in the custody and care of the Government;
Public resources means the natural resources of the state, including air, water, soil, minerals, vegetation, fish, and wildlife.
Public resources means any property or asset owned by