Metric Sample Clauses

Metric. The individual metric that will be measured as part of the completion of the business process.
Metric. If an employee is required to purchase a metric tool, other that the basic tool for the work classification, the Corporation will reimburse the employee fifty percent (50%) of the balance not paid by the Federal Government Metric Plan. New employees will be required to supply metric tools
Metric. Actual cost in US dollars.
Metric. Number of four (4) gigabytes (GB) of virtual memory supporting a virtual AIX server instance of the private cloud approved by DCS Customer and active and in use on the measurement date.
Metric. Per tape device or cartridge utilized by a DCS Customers and physically transported and stored at a DIR approved or pre‐negotiated off‐site (non‐DIR Facility) location. This includes archived data stored for long term retention.
Metric. Per job printed at the Austin Data Center and delivered to a DIR Customer location or picked up at a DIR Customer location and delivered to the Austin Data Center
Metric. Per cut performed on each sheet. One sheet may require multiple cuts. Jobs requiring manual cutting and number of cuts per sheet are defined in the agency run book.
Metric. Per completed perfect bound book. For clarity, any required trimming of the book is fully funded by this RU and would not be subject to the manual cutting RU.
Metric. Per envelope (into which various mailers and documents are inserted), measured monthly.