Metric Sample Clauses

Metric. The individual metric that will be measured as part of the completion of the business process.
Metric. If an employee is required to purchase a metric tool, other that the basic tool for the work classification, the Corporation will reimburse the employee fifty percent (50%) of the balance not paid by the Federal Government Metric Plan. New employees will be required to supply metric tools
Metric. Per tape device or cartridge utilized by a DCS Customers and physically transported and stored at a DIR approved or pre‐negotiated off‐site (non‐DIR Facility) location. This includes archived data stored for long term retention.
Metric. Actual cost in US dollars.
Metric. This Service Level shall mean, for any Measurement Window, the lower of the a) Inpatient DRG Coding Accuracy Score, (b) Inpatient Diagnosis Coding Accuracy Score, (c) Inpatient Procedure Coding Accuracy Score, (d) Outpatient Diagnosis “First Listed” Coding Accuracy Score, (e) Outpatient Diagnosis Coding Accuracy Score and (f) Outpatient Procedure Coding Accuracy Score.
Metric. The Specifications may indicate metric units of measurement as a supplement to U.S. customary units. When indicated thus: 1” (25 mm), the U. S. customary unit is specific, and the metric unit is nonspecific. When not shown with parentheses, the unit is specific. The metric units correspond to the “International System of Units” (SI) and generally follow ASTM E 380, “Standard for Metric Practice.”
Metric. Per cut performed on each sheet. One sheet may require multiple cuts. Jobs requiring manual cutting and number of cuts per sheet are defined in the agency run book.