Annual Budgets definition

Annual Budgets is defined in Section 6.16(a).

Examples of Annual Budgets in a sentence

  • Annual Budgets are adopted on a basis consistent with generally accepted accounting principles for the general fund.

  • Annual Budgets and/or updates thereof submitted to Lender in accordance herewith and, if Lender approval is then required hereunder, approved or deemed approved by Lender in accordance with Section 4.9.5(b) hereof, shall hereinafter be referred to as an “Approved Annual Budget”.

  • All of the foregoing obligations shall be undertaken in accordance with the Annual Budgets and applicable law and regulations.

  • Annual Budgets OCDC is required to provide to the New York State authorities budget office an annual budget on operations and capital construction setting forth the estimated receipts and expenditures for the next fiscal year and the current fiscal year.

  • Annual Budgets The annual budget is proposed for the General Fund and the Section 8 Program by the Executive Director and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

More Definitions of Annual Budgets

Annual Budgets the then current Annual Cap Ex Budget or Annual Operating Budget or both, as applicable. Annual Cap Ex Budget: the capital expenditures budget of the Company for a given Fiscal Year, each of which will be consistent with the Four Year Plan applicable for the given Fiscal Year and will be in the form of, and contain the same scope of information included in, the First Year Cap Ex Budget.
Annual Budgets means the proposed operating and capital budgets of the Resort which shall have been prepared and submitted by the Resort Manager to the Partnership for its approval in respect of each fiscal year of the Partnership pursuant to the terms of the Management Agreement.
Annual Budgets means the Annual Capital Budget and the Annual Operating Budget.
Annual Budgets means the operating and capital budgets for each -------------- Hotel for 1998 as prepared by a Star Company pursuant to the applicable Hotel Lease and approved by the Lessor under such Hotel Lease as amended or revised to the date of this Agreement.
Annual Budgets means the budgets in respect of the combined operations of the Corporation and the Trust prepared for each fiscal year of the Corporation and the Trust in respect of all revenues, cash flows, General and Administrative Costs, other expenses and production and capital expenditures and includes any revision thereof;
Annual Budgets means the budgets described in Section 4.5(b)(i) of this Agreement.