Instructor Sample Clauses

Instructor. Associated with the position of Instructor is a nominal workload of 195 hours per half-credit course. This nominal workload is normally made up of scheduled contact time with students and non-classroom time. The non-classroom time is made up of preparation of lectures, student consultation, marking or grading and course administration, including grade appeals and cases of academic dishonesty. In the case of a two-hour lecture per week, or the equivalent of a two-hour lecture per week, the incumbent shall also be responsible for the first hour of seminar in each course. Upon request by an Instructor, the Employer and the Instructor will review the workload for the course to ensure that assigned duties can be completed within the assigned workload of 195 nominal hours per half credit course (see Article
Instructor. Appropriate class and step of the current Teach- ing Salary Schedule, Appendix B-2. The 2013-14 Agreement also includes a load adjustment factor.
Instructor. SLI instructors are experienced specialists who are native speakers and/or hold terminal degrees in language teaching. They bring warmth, cultural awareness, and humor into their classrooms. SLI instructors base their teaching methods on the latest research in language teaching and learning.
Instructor an employee whose training, professional or academic qualifications, meets the minimum requirements necessary to assume full responsibility to provide the appropriate level of instruction.
Instructor. The term "instructor" includes instructors, counsellors and librarians, where the context so requires, and shall include instructional associates, department heads, assistant department heads and coordinators, and is further understood to include program development faculty.
Instructor. (1) Oakland shall review a faculty member during his or her non-tenured term as instructor to determine whether the faculty member will be re- employed and promoted to assistant professor without tenure. The decision to re-employ may be made conditional upon degree completion by the faculty member by a specified date; in the School of Nursing it may be made conditional upon matriculation in a doctoral program by a specified date. The review shall consist of the following steps:
Instructor. Employment as instructor shall be for a term of three years after which an instructor not promoted to the rank of assistant professor shall not be re-employed as a full-time faculty member. A faculty member reviewed and promoted shall be further reviewed under the schedule for second and subsequent re-employments pursuant to subparagraph 38b.(1) below.
Instructor. An instructor is an individual who ordinarily does not possess a terminal degree or the equivalent in the field.
Instructor. Upon hire as a full-time instructor
Instructor. The initial academic rank for full-time faculty appointments for those who have made some progress toward completion of formal advanced study appropriate to their position or other relevant experience;