Loss of Salary and Partial Year Contracts Sample Clauses

Loss of Salary and Partial Year Contracts. When a contract or regular faculty member is absent for reasons which do not entitle him/her to use any of the authorized leaves, a deduction in salary will be made based on the rate per day obtained by dividing the annual salary rate by the number of days of service included in the adopted school calendar for the year. When a faculty member must be absent from his/her extra pay assign- ment for a reason not covered by an allowable leave, his/her loss of pay is computed as follows: Hours Absent x Hourly Rate of Pay = Loss of Pay. When a contract is written for a faculty member serving less than a full school year or a full term, the amount to be deducted for each day not served, and for which no salary allowance is given will be obtained by dividing the annual salary rate by the number of days of service in the adopted calendar for the year. When a contract is written for one (1) term only, the annual salary rate will be divided by two (2) to obtain the semester rate.
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  • Contract Duration and Annual Salary 1. The College hereby employs the Administrator in the capacity of Executive Director for Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness, Associate Professor for two year(s), commencing on July 1, 2017 and terminating on June 30, 2019. The Administrator accepts such employment on the conditions hereinafter set forth, and any applicable provisions of the Board of Trustees Policy Manual. In the event of conflict between Board Policy and this Contract, the Contract shall govern.

  • Form B - Contractor’s Annual Employment Report Throughout the term of the Contract by May 15th of each year the Contractor agrees to report the following information to the State Agency awarding the Contract, or if the Contractor has provided Contract Employees pursuant to an OGS centralized Contract, such report must be made to the State Agency purchasing from such Contract. For each covered consultant Contract in effect at any time between the preceding April 1st through March 31st fiscal year or for the period of time such Contract was in effect during such prior State fiscal year Contractor reports the:

  • A-E Compensation and Extra Work 1.5.1. For the PROJECTS/SERVICES authorized under this CONTRACT, A-E shall be compensated in accordance with the following:

  • Exclusivity of Salary and Benefits The Executive shall not be entitled to any payments or benefits other than those provided under this Agreement.

  • HOLIDAY COMPENSATION FOR TIME WORKED 102. Employees required by their respective appointing officers to work on any of the above specified or substitute holidays, excepting Fridays observed as holidays in lieu of holidays falling on Saturday, shall be paid extra compensation of one additional day's pay at time and one-half the usual rate in the amount of 12 hours pay for eight hours worked or a proportionate amount for less than eight hours worked, provided, however, that at the employee's request and with the approval of the appointing officer, an employee may be granted compensatory time off in lieu of paid overtime pursuant to the provisions herein. 103. Executive, administrative and professional employees designated in the Annual Salary Ordinance with the "Z" symbol shall not receive extra compensation for holiday work but may be granted time off equivalent to the time worked at the rate of one-and-one-half times for work on the holiday.

  • Compensation for Holidays Falling Within Vacation Schedule If a paid holiday falls on or is observed during an employee's vacation period, he/she shall be allowed an additional vacation day with pay at a time mutually agreed upon by the Employer and employee.

  • Vacation Earnings for Partial Years (a) (1) During the first partial year of service a new employee will earn vacation at the rate of one and one-quarter (1¼) days for each month for which he/she earns ten (10) days' pay.

  • Probation for Newly Hired Employees (a) The Employer may reject a probationary employee for just cause. A rejection during probation shall not be considered a dismissal for the purpose of Article 11.2

  • Work Period; Overtime Pay The work period for overtime computation purposes shall be a seven (7) day period, as defined by the Employer. Nurses working this twelve (12) hour shift schedule shall be paid overtime compensation at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times the regular rate of pay for the first two (2) hours after the end of the twelve (12) hour shift or for any hours worked beyond forty (40) hours in a seven (7) day period. If a nurse works more than two (2) consecutive hours beyond the end of the twelve (12) hour shift, all overtime hours after fourteen (14) consecutive hours of work for that shift shall be paid at double time (2x).

  • Annual Salary Review Unless prohibited by law, the Employer shall provide the Union with the results of salary and benefits comparative surveys for bargaining unit positions upon the completion of such studies.