Minimum Requirements definition

Minimum Requirements means the minimum technical specification required to enable the Software to function in accordance with the Documentation and/or at all, as set out in the Documentation.
Minimum Requirements means the requirements used for staffing pre-selection purposes, identified as Education, Language, Job Related Experience, and other requirements as identified in the appropriate staffing document.
Minimum Requirements means criteria which are critical to the generation of valid data. These criteria describe the lowest level of capability at which the analyses can be successfully performed.

Examples of Minimum Requirements in a sentence

Any collaborating organization must be designated as subcontractor subject to the terms of Exhibit C Special Provisions (see Appendix B: Contract Minimum Requirements).

Proposer shall provide a clear and concise explanation of how its team satisfies the Minimum Requirements described on page seven.

Minimum Requirements: Vendors must meet the minimum requirements as specified in Section IV - A.

Minimum Requirements at Bidders end Computer System with good configuration (Min P IV, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP) Broadband connectivity.

Minimum Requirements for Agencies Engaged in the Testing and/or Inspection of Soil and Rock as Used in Engineering Design and Construction latest edition.

More Definitions of Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements means the minimum requirements for the Computer System as set forth on the associated Schedules. The Software may operate on a Computer System that is below the Minimum Requirements, but such operation is not warranted by Manatron.
Minimum Requirements means that each Early Head Start and Head Start grantee must demonstrate a level of compliance with Federal and State re- quirements such that no deficiency, as defined in this part, exists in its pro- gram.
Minimum Requirements means the Minimum Requirements that Bidders must satisfy in order for Bidder to be assured that a conforming proposal offering a Developmental Resource will be considered in this RFP.
Minimum Requirements means those requirements identified as such in Schedule Part 3 (Processing Information);
Minimum Requirements means ***.
Minimum Requirements. Means external to the controller shall be provided to permit the substitution of flashing signal indications for the normal specified interval sequence. The indications to be flashed shall be as specified here or in the included interval sequence chart on the plans.
Minimum Requirements means a minimum technical specification of the PC or laptop on which the Software is used which is required to enable the Software to function, as set out in the Documentation.