Minimum Requirements definition

Minimum Requirements. To ensure the CNA demonstrates proper preparation, organization, and readiness, the formal briefing (and supporting documentation) to the Commission must include –  Detailed list, to include descriptions, of the services the CNA will be prepared to provide the NPAs in support of the AbilityOne Program.  Details regarding the development and implementation of the CNA’s NPA affiliation process. Address the process for vetting NPAs to ensure they meet AbilityOne Program’s initial qualification criteria in accordance with 41 C.F.R. § 51-4.2.  Details regarding the development and implementation of the CNA’s NPA recommendation and allocation process and procedures, to include the process used to announce opportunities to the NPA community.  Detailed list of the NPAs that are officially affiliated with the CNA, description of the services (or products) the NPA can provide federal customers, list of government agencies and the federal requirements that the NPAs will be able to fulfill.  Details as to how the CNA’s Program Fee will be remitted by the NPA to the CNA, how the fee will be monitored for accuracy, and how reporting will be executed.
Minimum Requirements means the minimum requirements for available commercial structures. The minimum requirements may be found at this link: choices/renewable-power/green-future-impact The minimum requirements may be updated from time to time to reflect PGE’s criteria from its latest Commission accepted renewable request for proposals.
Minimum Requirements means the Minimum Requirements that Bidders must satisfy in order for Bidder to be assured that a conforming proposal offering a Developmental Resource will be considered in this RFP.

Examples of Minimum Requirements in a sentence

  • Minimum Requirements at Bidders end Computer System with good configuration (Min P IV, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP) Broadband connectivity.

  • APPROVED POINT OF DISCHARGE22.805.020 – Minimum Requirements for All ProjectsB.

  • D/B Entity shall acknowledge these minimum requirements and how D/B Entity meets them in the cover letter and complete Appendix F2 – Minimum Requirements Acknowledgement.

  • STCW Circular No. 2017-06 - Mandatory Minimum Requirements for Certification of Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (Approved by the MARINA Board on 31 August 2017 and published on 08 September 2017) 7.

  • STCW Circular No. 2017-03 - Mandatory Minimum Requirements for Certification of Ratings as Able Seafarer Engine in a Manned Engine-Room or Designated to Perform Duties in a Periodically Unmanned Engine-Room (Approved by the MARINA Board on 31 August 2017 and published on 08 September 2017)4.

More Definitions of Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements means the requirements used for staffing pre-selection purposes, identified as Education, Language, Job Related Experience, and other requirements as identified in the appropriate staffing document.
Minimum Requirements. Means external to the controller shall be provided to permit the substitution of flashing signal indications for the normal specified interval sequence. The indications to be flashed shall be as specified here or in the included interval sequence chart on the plans.
Minimum Requirements means the minimum technical specification required to enable the Software to function in accordance with the Documentation and/or at all, as set out in the Documentation and/or on the Salesforce Platform;
Minimum Requirements. For each functional area of Phase I’s performance requirements, the CNA will be required to provide a formal briefing, including supporting documentation, demonstrating the following:  applicability of researchefforts;  findings (if any); and  progress of research, studies, recommendations and deliverables development  Quarterly Milestone Briefing and Documentation: Due 10 days after the completion of each quarter.  Commission Quarterly Review Evaluation Criteria: The Commission will utilize the following evaluation criteria to assess the CNA’s capability and make a final decision to approve or disapprove:
Minimum Requirements means the minimum requirements for the Computer System as set forth on the associated Schedules. The Software may operate on a Computer System that is below the Minimum Requirements, but such operation is not warranted by Manatron.
Minimum Requirements means criteria which are critical to the generation of valid data. These criteria describe the lowest level of capability at which the analyses can be successfully performed.
Minimum Requirements means ***.