Annual audit definition

Annual audit means a certified audit of the
Annual audit means a certified audit of

Examples of Annual audit in a sentence

  • Annual audit report of the hospitals will also be submitted along with the statement.

  • Annual audit reports will be submitted for scrutiny to the World Bank.

  • The main mandatory reports are: • Report to those charged with governance (incorporating the report required under ISA 260) that sets out the main issues arising from the audit of the financial statements and use of resources work • Statutory report and opinion on the financial statements • Annual audit report.

  • Annual audit is also called periodical, final or completed audit.

  • Amended by Chapter 6, 2010 General Session 53B-8a-111 Annual audit of financial statements -- Information to governor and Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

More Definitions of Annual audit

Annual audit means the annual audit prepared pursuant to the requirements of Section 5.06 hereof.
Annual audit means the audit conducted pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:23-1 et seq. and the Federal Single Audit Act of 1984, Public Law 98-502, amended by Public Law 104- 156, of the district board of education’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Annual audit. Pursuant to Government Code Section 6505, the Authority shall contract with an independent certified public accountant to make an annual fiscal year audit of all accounts and financial statements of the Authority, conforming in all respects with the requirements of that section. A report of the audit shall be filed as a public record with the County Auditor of each Member Agency within six months of the end of the fiscal year under examination. Costs of the audit shall be considered a general expense of the Authority.
Annual audit means an audit required under section 9.6(b);
Annual audit means the annual audit conducted by the Auditor in accordance with Rule 11.4 - Auditor.