Nitrogen Sample Clauses

Nitrogen. Until Substantial Completion of Subproject 2, Contractor shall provide all nitrogen as required for construction, testing, drying, purging and commissioning, including the Tanks.
Nitrogen. The concentration of:
Nitrogen. Product shall not contain more than four mole percent (4%) of nitrogen.
Nitrogen. If applicable, CUSTOMER will be charged for the actual cost of nitrogen used, plus 15%.
Nitrogen. Fertilizer Company shall make available to Refinery Company, solely for use at the Refinery, any Nitrogen produced by the Linde Facility and available to Fertilizer Company that is not required, as determined in a commercially reasonable manner by the Fertilizer Company based on its then current or anticipated operational requirements, for the operation of the Fertilizer Plant, following reasonable notice from Refinery Company requesting such Nitrogen, at a cost to Refinery Company as designated on Exhibit B hereto.
Nitrogen. The gas shall not contain nitrogen in excess of two percent (2%) by volume.
Nitrogen. Subject to provisions of Section 4.1(h) hereof, the Gas will not contain more than two percent (2%) by volume of nitrogen.
Nitrogen. The Gas shall not contain in excess of two percent (2%) by volume of nitrogen.
Nitrogen. Subject to the provisions of Subparagraph (h) below, the gas shall not contain more than two percent (2%) by volume of nitrogen at the Point(s) of Delivery.