Welfare Facilities Sample Clauses

Welfare Facilities. The Contractor must supply sufficient toilets (1 toilet per 20 workers), changing facilities, hand washing facilities, soap, toilet paper, and hand drying material must be provide. Waste bins must be strategically place and emptied regularly. Safe, clean storage areas must be provided for workers to store personal belonging and personal protective equipment. Workers should not be exposed to hazardous materials/substances while eating and must be provided with adequate, sheltered eating areas.
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Welfare Facilities. The following shall apply:
Welfare Facilities. Fit out contractors will be permitted to use the toilets on the ground floor only following a detailed dilapidation survey and the fitting of appropriate levels of protection. Fit out contractors will be fully responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of the toilets. Use of the disabled toilet and adjacent cleaners store is prohibited. The provision of a compound in the basement will be permitted. Every effort should be made to transfer materials to their respective floors from the outset to help minimise the area required at basement level. Clarification is required from the contractor as to how they will protect the newly painted basement floor from damage.
Welfare Facilities. KONE will continue to provide facilities (at their Spotswood location) necessary to ensure adequate occupational health, safety and welfare of its employees including the provision of lockers, drinking and boiling water, appropriate protective clothing, heating, cooling and ventilation and rest room facilities. Any disagreements about the adequacy of the facilities shall be dealt with through the consultative process of this agreement and the dispute settling procedures.
Welfare Facilities. The contractor will need to provide their own drinking water and appropriate portable chemical toilets during the period of construction at their own cost, unless otherwise stated in the tender document should this already be available on site. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance should always be followed where possible, and welfare should be removed only when a formal handover has been conducted to the satisfaction of the Employer &/or Contracts Administrator.
Welfare Facilities. The contractor will need to provide their own water and/or toilets during the period of construction at their own cost, unless otherwise stated in the tender document.
Welfare Facilities. The Contractor shall provide his own First Aid, sanitary, washing, Mess room, rest room and drying facilities unless it has been agreed that the client shall supply any or all these facilities, if this is the case a written agreement must be introduced and signed by both the client and the contractor to that effect.
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Related to Welfare Facilities

  • Benefit Plans and Programs To the extent permitted by applicable law and subject to the terms and eligibility requirements of any such plan or program, Executive will be eligible to participate in all benefit plans and programs, including improvements or modifications of the same, that are maintained by the Company generally for executive employees of the Company, subject to the eligibility requirements and other terms and conditions of those plans and programs. The Company will not, however, by reason of this Section 5(b) be obligated either (1) to institute, maintain, or refrain from changing, amending, or discontinuing any such benefit plan or program, or (2) to provide Executive with all benefits provided to any other person or individual employed by the Company or any of its affiliates.

  • Welfare Plans (a) For all purposes (including purposes of vesting, eligibility to participate and level of benefits) under the employee welfare benefit plans of Buyer and its affiliates providing benefits to any Acquired Employees after the Closing (the “New Welfare Plans” ), each Acquired Employee shall subject to applicable Law and applicable tax qualification requirements be credited with his or her years of service with Knight Ridder or its affiliates, including the Acquired Companies and their Subsidiaries, before the Closing, to the same extent as such Acquired Employee was entitled, before the Closing, to credit for such service under any similar employee benefit plan in which such Acquired Employee participated or was eligible to participate immediately prior to the Closing, provided that the foregoing shall not apply to the extent that its application would result in a duplication of benefits. In addition, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, (A) each Acquired Employee shall be immediately eligible to participate, without any waiting time, in any and all New Welfare Plans if such Acquired Employee participated immediately before the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement in a comparable type of welfare benefit plan of a Seller Entity (such plans, collectively, the “Old Plans” ), and (B) for purposes of each New Welfare Plan providing medical, dental, pharmaceutical and/or vision benefits to any Acquired Employee, Buyer, or, as applicable, an Acquired Company, shall cause all pre-existing condition exclusions and actively-at-work requirements of such New Welfare Plan to be waived for such Acquired Employee and his or her covered dependents, unless such conditions would not have been waived under the comparable plans of Knight Ridder or its affiliates, including the Acquired Companies and their Subsidiaries, in which such Acquired Employee participated immediately prior to the Closing and Buyer shall cause any eligible expenses incurred by such employee and his or her covered dependents during the portion of the plan year of the Old Plan ending on the date such employee’s participation in the corresponding New Welfare Plan begins to be taken into account under such New Welfare Plan for purposes of satisfying all deductible, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket requirements applicable to such employee and his or her covered dependents for the applicable plan year as if such amounts had been paid in accordance with such New Welfare Plan.

  • Retirement and Welfare Plans Executive shall participate in employee retirement and welfare benefit plans made available to the Company’s senior level executives as a group or to its employees generally, as such retirement and welfare plans may be in effect from time to time and subject to the eligibility requirements of the plans. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the Company from amending or terminating any retirement, welfare or other employee benefit plans or programs from time to time as the Company deems appropriate.

  • Pension and Welfare Plans During the twelve-consecutive-month period prior to the date of the execution and delivery of this Agreement and prior to the date of any Credit Extension hereunder, no steps have been taken to terminate any Pension Plan, and no contribution failure has occurred with respect to any Pension Plan sufficient to give rise to a Lien under Section 302(f) of ERISA. No condition exists or event or transaction has occurred with respect to any Pension Plan which might result in the incurrence by the Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group of any material liability, fine or penalty. Except as disclosed in Item 6.11 of the Disclosure Schedule, neither the Borrower nor any member of the Controlled Group has any contingent liability with respect to any post-retirement benefit under a Welfare Plan, other than liability for continuation coverage described in Part 6 of Title I of ERISA.

  • Welfare Benefit Plans During the Employment Period, the Executive and/or the Executive's family, as the case may be, shall be eligible for participation in and shall receive all benefits under welfare benefit plans, practices, policies and programs provided by the Company and its affiliated companies (including, without limitation, medical, prescription, dental, disability, employee life, group life, accidental death and travel accident insurance plans and programs) to the extent applicable generally to other peer executives of the Company and its affiliated companies, but in no event shall such plans, practices, policies and programs provide the Executive with benefits which are less favorable, in the aggregate, than the most favorable of such plans, practices, policies and programs in effect for the Executive at any time during the 120-day period immediately preceding the Effective Date or, if more favorable to the Executive, those provided generally at any time after the Effective Date to other peer executives of the Company and its affiliated companies.

  • Health and Welfare Benefit Plans During the Employment Period, Executive and Executive’s immediate family shall be entitled to participate in such health and welfare benefit plans as the Employer shall maintain from time to time for the benefit of senior executive officers of the Employer and their families, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in such plan. Nothing in this Section shall limit the Employer’s right to change or modify or terminate any benefit plan or program as it sees fit from time to time in the normal course of business so long as it does so for all senior executives of the Employer.

  • Employee Benefit Plans and Arrangements Schedule 6.22 sets forth a complete and accurate list of each Benefit Plan covering any present or former officers, employees or directors of the Company. "Benefit Plan" means each "employee pension benefit plan" (as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA, hereinafter a "Pension Plan"), "employee welfare benefit plan" (as defined in Section 3(1) of ERISA, hereinafter a "Welfare Plan") and each other plan or arrangement (written or oral) relating to deferred compensation, bonus, performance compensation, stock purchase, stock option, stock appreciation, severance, vacation, sick leave, holiday pay, fringe benefits, personnel policy, reimbursement program, incentive, insurance, welfare or similar plan, program, policy or arrangement, in each case maintained or contributed to, or required to be maintained or contributed to, by the Company or its affiliates or any other person or entity that, together with the Company, is treated as a single employer under Section 414(b), (c), (m) or (o) of the Code (each, together with the Company, a "Commonly Controlled Entity") for the benefit of any present or former officer, employee or director. The Company has no intent or commitment to create any additional Benefit Plan or amend any Benefit Plan so as to increase benefits thereunder. The Company has not created any Benefit Plan or declared or paid any bonus compensation in contemplation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. A current, accurate and complete copy of each Benefit Plan has been made available to UniCapital. Except as disclosed on Schedule 6.22:

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