Higher Sample Clauses

Higher. If the ‘personal’ maximum rate is “higher” in the new classification then you get the next higher rate in that classification providing it is at least three percent (3%). The number of hours to the next increment shall be the amount applicable to that job grouping and the class hours is zero. At the time of the offer, if the Employee is within one hundred twenty (120) class hours of their next increment, then the increment is applied before the new salary is determined. The number of class hours at the time of offer is based on the hours up to the end of the week immediately preceding the date the offer is made. The Employer may consider in certain circumstances an increase of greater than three percent (3%) when an internal candidate has recent relevant experience to warrant a higher rate of pay. Any such increase must be approved by the Employee Relations Director.
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Higher. Paid Position Transfer into higher rated position, permanent or temporary, employee shall receive the next higher rate in the wage grid for a period of sixty (60) working days and then will move to the rate in the wage grid as per their years of service.
Higher rates When a plumber is called upon to work for which a higher rate is fixed, for a period up to two hours upon any one day, the employee will be paid the higher rate while so engaged, and if for more than two hours upon any one day, the employee will be paid the higher rate for the whole of that day.
Higher use Co-pays Your monthly membership fee includes up to two no-charge visits per month. (For the purposes of this section, a “visit” shall include either an office visit or a video conferencing session.) Additional visits (office or video) beyond these two in a given month shall be charged a higher-use fee of $15 each. Contacts by telephone, e-mail, or texting will not incur any copays or other fees.
Higher. CLASSIFICATION PAY Any Unit member requested to work in a higher classification job for more than one consecutive week shall be paid, upon the second consecutive week working in the higher classification job, a 5% base salary increase or step one of the higher classification range, whichever is greater. The higher classification pay shall be applied to the entire compensable period the employee worked at the higher classification job and shall be paid retroactive back to the first day of such higher classification work. An employee will be considered to have engaged in performing services in a higher classification job where it is determined that 50% or more of the employee’s daily work has been undertaken in the performance of duties that are within the job classification of the higher position and which are not in the job classification of the employee’s current classification.‌
Higher decisions tend to be strategic in nature; can be administrative; associated with major new developments or major multi-permit projects; expected to result in significant site disturbance; tenures for major operational activities; associated with regional scale planning; large permanent impacts;
Higher. Consideration Offeror shall not directly or indirectly acquire or enter into any agreement to acquire Target Shares (in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions or otherwise) following Announcement Date until (i) the lapsing or withdrawal of the Offer or (ii) the completion of the Offer and the end of the offer period in a subsequent mandatory offer, if any, at a consideration higher than the Offer Price, without increasing the Offer Price so as to be at least equal to such Higher Consideration. Any non-cash element in such Higher Consideration shall be converted into cash based on fair market value for the purpose of determining the increased Offer Price.
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Higher. CLASSIFICATION PAY A classified employee shall be entitled to receive five percent (5%) additional pay when working temporarily in a higher classification.
Higher c. No change
Higher. Qualifications Allowances shall mean allowances prescribed by Schedule 3 of this Agreement and shall form part of the Employeesbase salary for all purposes of this Agreement.
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