Wage Increases Sample Clauses

Wage Increases. Bargaining unit employees covered by this National Teamsters Addendum shall receive a two and one- quarter percent (2.25%) three percent (3.00%) across the board (ATB) structural raise, to be effective the third full pay period following the ratification of this National Teamsters Addendum. as well as a lump sum payment of$400 for full-time employees and $200 for part-time employees. Probationary period employees and employees in an inactive status are ineligible for this lump sum. The Employer agrees that one percent (1%) will be applied to the Local Agreementsnew hire rates and any tiered wage structures. The Red Cross shall pay a retroactive pay bonus at a rate of 3% of gross hourly wages earned (excluding premiums, shift differentials, incentives, bonuses or other earnings not hours based) from September 30, 2021 through the third full pay period following ratification of this agreement. Retroactive payments will not be made to terminated employees
Wage Increases. Bargaining unit employ- ees covered by this National Addendum shall re- ceive a two percent (2%) across the board (ATB) structural raise, to be effective the earlier of the fol- lowing: the third full pay period following the rati- fication of this National Addendum or the retroac- tive pay raise date contained in any Local Union’s executed Exhibit D of the Ground Rules. This across the board raise shall be offset by any wage increases provided within the last six (6) months of ratification; and, will replace any future ATB wage increases currently existing in the Local Agree- ments for the duration of the National Addendum. To the extent that a Local Agreement has a tiered wage structure, the 2% will be applied to the rates in the tiered wage structure subject to the same off- sets set forth above.
Wage Increases. 1. Effective January 1, 2010 the compensation for bargaining unit employees in all pay grades (Step 1 and higher) shall increase the equivalent percentage to 100% of the US CPI-W for the November to November period preceding January with a maximum of 4% and a minimum of 0%.
Wage Increases. A. 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Academic Years There are no general salary increases.
Wage Increases. The Parties agree to work collaboratively to secure an additional general fund appropriation in the amount of three million ($3,000,000) dollars in the 2020 Legislative Session. The three million ($3,000,000) dollars is intended to help fund the five percent (5%) retirement contribution referenced in the Retirement Security Letter of Agreement. If the 2020 Legislative Assembly appropriates the additional three million ($3,000,000) dollars targeted for worker wages/retirement contributions, then the scheduled wage increases shall be as follows: Increase #1 for DD-PSWs: Effective 01/01/2020: thirty-five ($0.35) cents/hr Increase #2 for DD-PSWs: Effective 07/01/2020: seventy-seven ($0.77) cents/hr Increase #1 for HCWs/PCAs: Effective 01/05/2020: thirty-five ($0.35) cents/hr Increase #2 for HCWs/PCAs: Effective 07/05/2020 seventy-seven ($0.77) cents/hr If the additional three million ($3,000,000) dollars is not fully secured in the February 2020 special session, the Parties will meet and confer to adjust the July 2020 wage increase to fit within the adjusted bargaining pot.
Wage Increases. 30 i. In classifications that are adjusted to a higher pay range as 31 a result of a study, employees who would not otherwise receive an immediate step increase 32 under the provisions outlined in Article 15.V. Pay Adjustments, shall receive the equivalent of 33 a one-half (1/2) step increase, equivalent to a one and one-half percent (1.5%) increase in base 1 wages, effective on the date of the study implementation. The one and one-half percent (1.5%) 2 increase provided for in this section will not be considered part of base wages for purposes of 3 calculating any wage adjustment or wage premiums, including but not limited to lead pay, 4 bilingual pay, or shift differential, except overtime pay as required by law.
Wage Increases. January 1, 2019 - 1.75 % January 1, 2020 -1.75 % January 1, 2021 - 1.75 % January 1, 2022 - 1.75 %
Wage Increases. Wage increases will be granted as follows:
Wage Increases. Employees will receive a $.50 increase in their base pay on the first full pay period that includes 1 January 2020, and 1 January 2021.