Heads Sample Clauses

Heads a) The University will appoint Heads in the Library using term appointments. Depending on the Library’s operational needs, terms will be for up to five (5) years. Appointments may be renewed after a review process.
Heads. 21.01 The Union and University recognize that Heads have a responsibility to direct and monitor the work of other members of the bargaining unit.
Heads. Each department shall have a head who shall be appointed by the Principal in accordance with this Article.
Heads. The head shall be of steel and shall be in accordance with Fig.1 of IS:2486 (Part-2) / 1989 with latest amendments, if any. They shall screw into a thimble fixed in the pin hole of the insulators. The dimensions of the gauges for these heads are given in fig. 2 to 4 of aforesaid IS.
Heads. The parties shall enter into a Supply Agreement for PRAECIS to exclusively make or have made and ROCHE to exclusively purchase its requirement of Compound and/or Product in the Territory. A Heads of Supply Agreement is set forth in Exhibit 4 to this Agreement and is binding on the parties. The Heads of Supply Agreement shall be the basis for preparing a full Supply Agreement. It is anticipated that the parties will negotiate in good faith additional specific terms reflecting the understandings set forth in the Heads of Supply Agreement and finalize the Supply Agreement within three (3) months after Initiation of First Phase III.
Heads. (a) There shall be heads in the Library who perform delegated administrative responsibilities.
Heads. Department heads shall be appointed in the fol- lowing subject areas: United Talmud Torahs: Mathematics, English, Science, A committee composed of the Federation and the School Corporation shall de- cide which subjects require department heads. The committee shall meet annually and determine by June of each year which subjects require de- partment heads the following year. In any sub- sequent year, if the committee is unable to reach an agreement, the previous decision shall apply.

Related to Heads

  • Stewards 45. The Union shall furnish the City with an accurate list of shop stewards in designated units. The Union may submit amendments to this list at any time because of the permanent absence of a designated shop xxxxxxx. If a shop xxxxxxx is not officially designated in writing by the Union, none will be recognized for that area or shift.

  • Rotation Where the Employer's designate and the Union's designate at the local level agree that shifts be rotated, the shifts shall be rotated on an equitable basis among the employees involved.

  • Project Managers The JBE’s project manager is: [Insert name]. The JBE may change its project manager at any time upon notice to Contractor without need for an amendment to this Agreement. Contractor’s project manager is: [Insert name]. Subject to written approval by the JBE, Contractor may change its project manager without need for an amendment to this Agreement.

  • Configuration Management The Contractor shall maintain a configuration management program, which shall provide for the administrative and functional systems necessary for configuration identification, control, status accounting and reporting, to ensure configuration identity with the UCEU and associated cables produced by the Contractor. The Contractor shall maintain a Contractor approved Configuration Management Plan that complies with ANSI/EIA-649 2011. Notwithstanding ANSI/EIA-649 2011, the Contractor’s configuration management program shall comply with the VLS Configuration Management Plans, TL130-AD-PLN-010-VLS, and shall comply with the following:

  • Coordinators As of the Effective Date, each Party shall appoint and provide written notice to the other Party pursuant to Section 14.1, of the name, title and contact information for an individual who shall be a current officer or employee of such Party or an Affiliate thereof and shall serve as such Party’s primary contact with respect to issues that may arise out of the scope or performance of this Agreement (each, a “Coordinator”). The Parties may replace their respective Coordinator by giving notice pursuant Section 14.1 to the other Party stating the name, title and contact information for the new Coordinator. Subject to Section 7.7, each Coordinator will have primary responsibility on behalf of its respective Party, to communicate and coordinate with the other Coordinator with respect to this Agreement. The Coordinators shall meet, either in person or telephonically, from time to time as necessary or appropriate to discuss open issues related to this Agreement and performance hereunder. In the event there is an open issue that is time critical (in the reasonable judgment of the requesting Coordinator) or a dispute arises between the Parties under this Agreement, the Coordinators shall meet as soon as reasonably practicable and shall use reasonable efforts and work together in good faith to resolve any disagreements or disputes between the Parties as expeditiously as possible.

  • Quality Management Grantee will:

  • Moonlighting 1. No employee covered by this Agreement shall hold an active C17 or work on his/her own behalf as a self-employed individual after his regular hours of employment, or on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and designated days off on any work covered by the jurisdiction of this Agreement.

  • Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.

  • Project Management Project Management Institute (PMI) certified project manager executing any or all of the following: • Development of Project Charter • Development of project plan and schedule • Coordination and scheduling of project activities across customer and functional areas • Consultation on operational and infrastructure requirements, standards and configurations • Facilitate project status meetings • Timely project status reporting • Address project issues with functional areas and management • Escalation of significant issues to customers and executive management • Manage project scope and deliverable requirements • Document changes to project scope and schedule • Facilitate and document project closeout

  • Quality Assurance The parties endorse the underlying principles of the Company’s Quality Management System, which seeks to ensure that its services are provided in a manner which best conforms to the requirements of the contract with its customer. This requires the Company to establish and maintain, implement, train and continuously improve its procedures and processes, and the employees to follow the procedures, document their compliance and participate in the improvement process. In particular, this will require employees to regularly and reliably fill out documentation and checklists to signify that work has been carried out in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. Where necessary, training will be provided in these activities.