THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. CORIXA has stated to PMC its current intention to establish itself or to appoint a third party contractor as a manufacturer of the Material. Provided CORIXA can reasonably demonstrate that it shall be able to timely manufacture LeIF under current Good Manufacturing Practice at reasonable cost in sufficient quantities, PMC shall purchase from CORIXA PMC's requirements for LeIF for use in the manufacture of Products under the terms and conditions of a supply agreement (the "Supply Agreement"), which agreement shall be negotiated in good faith in a timely fashion by the Parties hereto so as to become effective at least six months before PMC's expected First Commercial Sale of Products. The Parties agree to negotiate in good faith in a timely fashion the detailed terms and conditions of the Supply Agreement which shall include at a minimum the following terms and conditions set forth in this Article 12, as well as such other terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the Parties.
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. Reference is made to the announcement of the Company dated September 25, 2021 in relation to the Previous Supply Agreement. As the term of the Previous Supply Agreement has expired on December 31, 2021, Modern Farming Wuhe, an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and Keniule entered into the Supply Agreement on December 31, 2021 (after trading hours), pursuant to which Modern Faming Wuhe agreed to supply, and Xxxxxxx agreed to purchase, fresh raw milk produced by Modern Farming Wuhe from time to time during the Term. The principal terms of the Supply Agreement are as follows: Date: December 31, 2021
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. On 7 January 2019, Xxxxxxx entered into the Supply Agreement with Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, pursuant to which Shanghe agreed to sell, and Oushi Mengniu agreed to purchase, the Products from time to time during the term of the Supply Agreement. The principal terms of the Supply Agreement are as follows:
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT a. Exhibit E in the Table of Contents of the Purchase Agreement is hereby amended to read “Exhibit E – Nil”.
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. Simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, the parties will execute and enter into the Supply Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit A for the private label supply by Escalon of certain viscous fluid systems to BLS.
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. 7.1.2 A general xxxx of sale, assignment and assumption accepting transfer of good title to all of the tangible personal property included in the Purchased Assets, and assuming the applicable Selling Party's right, title and interest in each of the Contracts included in the Purchased Assets;
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. On 20 April 2022, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx and Xinghua New Energy entered into the Supply Agreement, pursuant to which Xinghua New Energy will supply the chemical products to Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx for the year ending 31 December 2022. The principal terms of the Supply Agreement are set out as follows: Date: 20 April 2022
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. 10.3.3 All other documents, certificates and opinions required by Section 0; and
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. 2.1 Contract’s order of precedence The following contract documents shall be deemed to form and be read and construed as part of the Supply Agreement;
THE SUPPLY AGREEMENT. 6.1.2 Duly executed quitclaim deeds with covenants, in recordable form, transferring to Buyer good and marketable title in fee simple to the Real Property, and such affidavits as the title insurance company retained by the Buyer may reasonably request;