Hardware Warranty Sample Clauses

Hardware Warranty. A. RISK OF LOSS If you purchase any of the hardware Products directly from us, risk of loss or damage to hardware, will pass to you and acceptance will occur upon delivery to your “ship to” address or, if special shipping arrangements are agreed to, upon delivery to your carrier or designee. Title to hardware Products will pass from HPE to you upon full payment for or delivery of the Products, whichever is later. You agree to properly insure the Products for the benefit of HPE between the time risk of loss and damage pass and the time title passes.
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Hardware Warranty. The terms of this limited warranty are valid at the Acer National Service Center or at any of the Acer Authorized Service Centers that Acer may have in the country and it extends only to Acer brand products and parts.
Hardware Warranty. Contractor agrees to warrant and assume responsibility for all hardware portions of any Good or Custom Deliverable, that it licenses, contracts, or sells to DTS under this Contract, for a period of one (1) year. Contractor acknowledges that all warranties granted to DTS by the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of Utah apply to this Contract. Product liability disclaimers and/or warranty disclaimers from Contractor are not applicable to this Contract. In general, the Contractor warrants that the hardware: (a) will perform as specified in the Proposal; (b) will live up to all specific claims listed in the Proposal; (c) will be suitable for the ordinary purposes for which the hardware is used; (d) will be suitable for any special purposes that DTS has relied on Contractor’s skill or judgment to consider when it advised DTS about the hardware in the Proposal; (e) the hardware has been properly designed and manufactured; and (f) is free of significant defects or unusual problems about which DTS has not been warned.
Hardware Warranty. Seller warrants that the supplied hardware Goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for two (2) years from the date such Goods are delivered to Buyer. Seller will not be liable or responsible for defects in any part of Goods manufactured by others, but Seller will, as an accommodation to Buyer, assign to Buyer any warranties given to it by any such other manufacturers; provided, that the foregoing will not extend Seller’s warranty to any accessory products unless Seller specifically agrees in writing. This warranty will be void if, in Seller’s reasonable opinion, the defect was caused in whole or part by: (a) improper handling, use, operation, or testing by anyone other than Seller; (b) failure to properly install or maintain the Goods by anyone other than Seller; (c) failure to install, maintain, or service Goods in accordance with the current edition of any applicable safety code or Seller’s written instructions; (d) modification, alteration, or unauthorized repair by anyone other than Seller; (e) use with products or components that are incompatible with Seller’s Goods; (f) Force Majeure events or acts of vandalism, sabotage, or hacking; (g) radio frequency interference; (h) removal from the country where the Goods were purchased, use in a country in which they are not registered for use, and/or use in a country for which they were not designed; (i) use in fail-safe environments in which failure of the Goods could lead to personal injury or significant property damage; (j) Goods having been subjected to operating conditions outside of specified parameters; or (k) any other cause beyond normal usage in accordance with Seller’s written instructions. Seller’s liability for breach of this hardware warranty will be limited to replacement, repair, or refund, in Seller’s sole discretion, of any defective Goods that have been properly stored, installed, used, and maintained, and have not been damaged in transit; provided such Goods are returned to Seller without further damage, within fourteen (14) days of discovery of the alleged defect and subject to confirmation of the defect by Seller’s inspection. The Goods that Xxxxx considers defective must be returned per Seller’s standard Return Material Authorization procedures. Xxxxx is responsible for the cost of shipping Goods to Seller for warranty claims and for the cost of shipping repaired or replaced Goods to Buyer. In repairing or replacing defective Goods, Seller m...
Hardware Warranty. ForeScout warrants to Customer that for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the Product is shipped, the Hardware (i) will be free from material defects in materials and workmanship and (ii) will perform in material conformity with the functions described in the accompanying Documentation, provided that such Hardware is used by Customer in accordance with such Documentation and this Agreement. ForeScout further warrants that Customer will receive good and clear title to the Hardware, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances (excluding any Software licensed to Customer pursuant to Section 2 (Grant of License; Reservation of Rights) above).
Hardware Warranty. Swisslog manufactured Hardware will function, perform and conform in accordance with the included terms of then current Swisslog Documentation and specifications, under normal service. Swisslog’s sole obligation to Customer shall be limited to the repair or replacement, at Swisslog’s option, of defective Hardware provided that written notice of failure is received by Swisslog within one (1) year from date of the occurrence of either Beneficial Use or Final Acceptance, whichever occurred earlier.
Hardware Warranty. EROAD warrants that:
Hardware Warranty. The coverage of this Limited Warranty is only valid in the Gateway National Service Center or in any of the Authorized Service Centers Gateway available in the country and extends only to the equipment and parts under the brand Gateway.
Hardware Warranty. (a) Vendor represents and warrants the Hardware against defects in material and workmanship for the Initial Warranty Period under normal use and service.
Hardware Warranty. A. Mercury warrants to the original Buyer only that Hardware will, at the time of delivery, conform to Xxxxxxx's then current documentation supplied with the Hardware. Mercury further warrants to Buyer that Hardware will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of one (1) year (unless otherwise expressly stated on the applicable Mercury quotation) from the date of shipment of Hardware (the "Warranty Period"). The Warranty Period shall commence upon delivery to carrier as stated in Section 1 above.