Alteration Sample Clauses

Alteration. That the Licensee shall not make or permit to do any alteration or addition to the construction or arrangements (internal or external) to the Licensed premises without previous consent in writing from the Licensor.
Alteration. The modification, changing, refashioning, remodeling, remaking, revising or reworking of any part of the System or Deliverable.
Alteration. The repair, replacement or the provision of extra modules does not mean that the warranty period is renewed and the original warranty period shall not extend. Any replaced modules are possessed by Supplier and shall be treated or disposed of at its own discretion. In case Supplier has stopped producing the same model as the defective modules which the claim is made against, Supplier shall keep the right to provide the modules of other models (different sizes, color, shape or power), either new brand or original brand.
Alteration. No alteration or variation in the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the parties hereto.
Alteration. EDDYFI reserves the right to alter component designs without notice.
Alteration. No alteration or additions shall any time be made to the façade or elevation of any building or erection erected and standing on the Leased Land or architectural features thereof except with the prior approval in writing of the Competent Authority.
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Alteration. Alter any advertising materials or make, alter, waive or discharge any contracts or Products on behalf of Company.
Alteration. Any alteration, variation, modification, or waiver of the provisions of this Agreement shall be valid only after it has been reduced to writing and duly signed by both parties.
Alteration. This Agreement (including its schedules) may only be altered in writing signed by each party.
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