Services Warranty Sample Clauses

Services Warranty. The Contractor warrants and represents that each of its employees, Subcontractors, or agents assigned to perform any services under the terms of this Agreement shall have the skills, training, and background reasonably commensurate with his or her level of performance or responsibility, so as to be able to perform in a competent and professional manner. The Contractor further warrants that the services provided hereunder will conform to the requirements of this Agreement. All warranties, including any special warranties specified elsewhere herein, shall inure to the Judicial Council, its successors, assigns, customer agencies, and any other recipients of the services provided hereunder.
Services Warranty. We will perform the services in a professional, workmanlike manner, consistent with industry standards. In the event we provide services that do not conform to this warranty, we will re-perform such services at no additional cost to you.
Services Warranty. The Authorized User shall have the right to interview a Candidate, either in-person, by telephone, and/or via webcasting, to determine his/her qualifications. The qualifications must reflect the position of the specific job title requested. The Authorized User reserves the right to reject the Candidate if the Authorized User determines that the Candidate is not qualified based on the referenced job title, skill level and the mandatory requirement from Appendix D. To ensure all services conform to Contract specifications, the Contractor shall implement quality control procedures and a quality assurance plan. Upon request, the Contractor must provide this quality assurance plan to OGS within 20 business days of such request. Contractor shall warrant that the services acquired under this Contract will be provided in a professional manner in accordance with industry standards. The Authorized User must notify Contractor of any services warranty deficiencies within ninety (90) calendar days from performance of the services that gave rise to the warranty claim.
Services Warranty. Oracle warrants that its Technical Support and training services will be performed consistent with generally accepted industry standards. This warranty shall be valid for 90 days from performance of service.
Services Warranty. Synopsys warrants that, for a period of ninety (90) days from the completion of the Services (the “Services Warranty Period”) the Services will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner consistent with applicable industry standards. If during the Services Warranty Period, Synopsys receives from Customer a written notice of the Service’s non- conformance with the provisions set forth in this Section 4, Synopsys will, as Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Synopsys’ entire liability for any breach of the foregoing warranty, at Synopsys’ sole option and expense, promptly re-perform the non-conforming Services or refund to Customer the fees paid for the non-conforming Services. THE FOREGOING STATES CUSTOMER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR WARRANTY CLAIMS RELATED TO THE SERVICES.
Services Warranty. Unless stated otherwise in the documents accompanying these terms and conditions, Seller shall warrant all Services against defects in performance for a period of one year following delivery. If this Subcontract includes the provision of Services, Seller warrants that it has and will maintain sufficient trained personnel to promptly and efficiently execute the Services contemplated under this Subcontract. Seller further warrants that the Services shall be performed to at least the standard of performance reasonably expected of similar service providers in Buyer’s geographic region.
Services Warranty. JAGGAER represents and warrants that it will perform the Services in a good, workmanlike and professional manner. Client’s remedy for breach of the warranties in this paragraph shall be the re-performance of the relevant Services free of charge.
Services Warranty. CRISP represents and warrants to Participant that CRISP shall perform all services hereunder in a commercially reasonable manner and in accordance with industry practices and standards generally applicable to such services; provided, however, that where this Agreement specifies a particular standard or criteria for performance, this warranty is not intended to and does not diminish that standard or criteria for performance.
Services Warranty. Seller warrants to Buyer that the Services performed will be free from defects in workmanship and will conform to any mutually agreed specifications. If any failure to meet this warranty appears within 6 months from the date of completion of the Services, on the condition that Seller be promptly notified in writing thereof, Seller as its sole obligation for breach of this warranty will correct the failure by re-performing any defective portion of the Services furnished. Seller does not warrant the accuracy of, or performance results of, any conclusions or recommendations provided, nor that any desired objective will result from the Service provided.