For Default Sample Clauses

For Default. If the Contractor refuses or fails to perform the services or any separable part thereof in a timely or workmanlike manner in accordance with the Contract, or otherwise fails, in the sole opinion of CCPRC, to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the Contract deemed, in the sole opinion of CCPRC, to be material (including, without limitation, the requirement that Contractor obtain and maintain in force all necessary permits), such refusal or failure shall be deemed a default under this Contract. In the event of a default under this section, CCPRC shall have the right to terminate forthwith this Contract by written notice to the Contractor. In the event of such default, the advance notice period for termination is waived and the Contractor shall not be entitled to any costs or damages resulting from a termination under this section. Whether or not the Contractor's right to proceed with the Work is terminated, it and its sureties shall be liable for any damage to CCPRC resulting from Contractor's default. Any wrongful termination for default shall be deemed by the Parties a termination for convenience.
For Default. A party will be considered in default of its obligations under this Agreement if such party should fail to observe, to comply with, or to perform any term, condition, or covenant contained in this Contract and such failure continues for ten (10) days after the non-defaulting party gives the defaulting party written notice thereof. In the event of default, the non-defaulting party, upon written notice to the defaulting party, may terminate this contract as of the date specified in the notice, and may seek such other and further relief as may be provided by law.
For Default. DFS may terminate for default if:
For Default. Without prejudice to any other legal or equitable remedy or remedies either party may have, this Agreement may be terminated by either party by written notice for breach of any material provision of this Agreement if such breach remains uncured after the giving of not less than [*] prior written notice to the breaching party of the existence of such breach and intent to terminate.
For Default. In the event either Party violates any provisions of this Agreement, the non-violating Party may serve written notice upon the violating Party identifying the violation and providing a reasonable cure period. Except as otherwise noted herein, such cure period shall be at least thirty (30) days. In the event the violating Party has not remedied the infraction at the end of the cure period, the non-violating Party may terminate this Agreement, and seek legal remedies for breach of contract as allowed hereunder. If the breach identified in the notice cannot be completely cured within the specified time period, no default shall occur if the Party receiving the notice begins curative action within the specified time period and thereafter proceeds with reasonable diligence and in good faith to cure the breach as soon as practicable.
For Default. Breach or failure to perform any provision of this Agreement shall be an “event of default.” If the party in breach fails to cure any default within fifteen (15) days from receipt of written notice of an event of default, then this Agreement may be terminated immediately for default by written notice to the breaching party or party in default and in such event, either party may assert any remedies at law or in equity that it/he deems to be entitled for breach of contract.
For Default. In the event of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of the PURCHASE ORDER including failure to deliver by the due date, then PURCHASER without prejudice to any other rights may terminate the PURCHASE ORDER and may return GOODS previously supplied under the PURCHASE ORDER for full credit by SUPPLIER. In the event of termination due to non-delivery or non-acceptance due to SUPPLIER’s breach of the terms and conditions hereof, SUPPLIER shall undertake to reimburse all monies paid by PURCHASER prior to the date of termination including all direct costs and expenses incurred by PURCHASER arising from or in connection with the termination.
For Default. If (i) Seller fails to make any delivery or perform Services in accordance with Delivery Dates or otherwise fails to comply with the Order and does not remedy such failure within a reasonable time after receipt of written notice thereof, (ii) Seller fails to make progress to such an extent that performance of the Order is endangered, (iii) any proceeding is filed by or against Seller in bankruptcy or insolvency, or for appointment for the benefit of creditors, or
For Default. Either party may terminate this DAF Purchase Agreement immediately upon written notice if: (i) the other is the subject of insolvency, bankruptcy or similar proceedings, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or a receiver, liquidator, trustee or similar person is appointed for any material portion of the others assets; (ii) a substantial portion of the other party’s assets becomes the subject of foreclosure proceedings, or is seized by a Government Entity, or is the subject of a lien or levy that is executed; or (iii) subject to Section 1.3(c) and Section 8.2 above, the other party (or the End-User) commits a breach of a material provision of this DAF Purchase Agreement (including the provisions of the Software License and failure to pay monies owed) and, if the breach is curable, does not either cure such breach, or take reasonable steps to cure such breach within thirty (30) days, or such other time period as may be expressly agreed to by the parties in writing, after being notified of the breach by the non-breaching party (five (5) business days in the case of the Customer’s failure to make a payment to DigitalGlobe required under this DAF Purchase Agreement). Any action that endangers the health and safety of the Satellites or deliberately interferes with other ground station operations is considered a material breach of this DAF Purchase Agreement. In the event of termination for default for lack of payment of the purchase price hereunder, the Customer will be responsible for all costs incurred to return the DAF and any related equipment to DigitalGlobe, including but not limited to labor, packing and shipping costs. The Customer ensure that DigitalGlobe and its Suppliers or other designees are given prompt access to the Facility for purposes of packing and shipping the DAF in the event of termination for default.