Termination By DFS Sample Clauses

Termination By DFS. DFS may terminate this Agreement, in whole or in part, as of a date specified in a written notice of termination given to BancTec in any of the following circumstances:
Termination By DFS. If DFS terminates its relationship with Buyer, the Subordinated Payment shall not be made until DFS has been paid in full. Seller agrees to subordinate the Subordinated Payment to any successor senior debtor of Seller upon terms substantially the same as set forth in this Agreement.

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Termination by Us We may terminate this Contract with 30 days’ written notice as follows:
Termination by City Notwithstanding any other term, provision or conditions of this Agreement, subject only to prior written notification to Licensee or its successor-in- interest, this Agreement is revocable by the City if:
Termination by ICANN (a) ICANN may, upon notice to Registry Operator, terminate this Agreement if: (i) Registry Operator fails to cure (A) any fundamental and material breach of Registry Operator’s representations and warranties set forth in Article 1 or covenants set forth in Article 2, or (B) any breach of Registry Operator’s payment obligations set forth in Article 6 of this Agreement, each within thirty (30) calendar days after ICANN gives Registry Operator notice of such breach, which notice will include with specificity the details of the alleged breach, (ii) an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction has finally determined that Registry Operator is in fundamental and material breach of such covenant(s) or in breach of its payment obligations, and (iii) Registry Operator fails to comply with such determination and cure such breach within ten (10) calendar days or such other time period as may be determined by the arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction.
Termination by Owner Owner may also terminate this Agreement at any time before Contractor begins the Work and notifies Owner in writing of such commencement if (1) Owner sells the property on which the Work is being performed or (2) the economic climate does not warrant proceeding with the project of which the Work is a part. In such circumstance, Contractor shall be entitled to receive that portion of the Contract Price earned by Contractor for Work performed to the satisfaction of Owner less any payments made before the date this Agreement is terminated. Contractor shall not be entitled to any additional compensation or damages as a result of termination of this Agreement pursuant to this Paragraph 12(c).
Termination by Bank If the Bank, or its successor in interest by merger, or its transferee in the event of a purchase in an assumption transaction (for reasons other than Executive's death, disability, or Cause) (1) terminates Executive's employment within one year following a Change in Control (as defined below), or (2) terminates Executive's employment before the Change in Control but on or after the date that any party either announces or is required by law to announce any prospective Change in Control transaction and a Change in Control occurs within six months after the termination, the Bank will provide Executive with the payment and benefits described in Section 9(d)(3) below.
Termination by Comodo Comodo may terminate this agreement at any time by posting notice of the termination on its website or sending an email to the address provided during your registration for the Products. Comodo may monitor its systems for excessive consumption of network resources and may take technical or other remedies deemed necessary to prevent or eliminate any excessive consumption. If Comodo deems your use to be excessive, Comodo may, with email notice, terminate your account or adjust the price of the Products.
Termination by You For free software, you may terminate this agreement at any time by removing all copies of the software in your possession or under your control. All paid Product may be terminated by removing all copies of any related software and notifying Comodo of your intent to terminate this agreement. Notification of termination must be sent by email to support@comodo.com. Your termination will be effective upon Comodo’s receipt and processing of the email. Processing may take up to 24 hours.
Termination by Client Without prejudice to any rights or remedies of the Client, the Client may, by at least seven (7) days’ notice in writing to Deswik, terminate this Agreement if:
Termination by Buyer This Agreement may be terminated by Buyer if (i) there has been a material violation or breach by the Seller of any of the agreements, representations or warranties contained in this Agreement which has not been waived in writing by Buyer, or (ii) there has been a failure of satisfaction of a condition to the obligations of Buyer which has not been so waived, or (iii) the Seller shall have attempted to terminate this Agreement under this Article 12 or otherwise without grounds to do so, then Buyer may, by written notice to the Seller at any time prior to the closing that such violation, breach, failure or wrongful termination attempt is continuing, terminate this Agreement with the effect set forth in Section 12.2(b) hereof.
Termination by Death If Executive’s employment is terminated by death, Executive’s estate shall be entitled to receive (i) Executive’s fully earned but unpaid base salary, through the date of death at the rate then in effect, plus all other amounts to which Executive is entitled under any compensation plan or practice of the Company at the time of Executive’s death, (ii) an amount equal to Executive’s annual base salary as in effect immediately prior to the date of death, payable in a lump sum as soon as administratively practicable but in any event no later than two and one-half (2 1/2) months following Executive’s death, (iii) an amount equal to Executive’s Bonus for the year in which Executive’s death occurs prorated for the period during such year Executive was employed prior to his or her death, payable in a lump sum as soon as administratively practicable but in any event no later than two and one-half (2 1/2) months following Executive’s death, and (iv) for the period beginning on the date of death and ending on the date which is twelve (12) full months following the date of death, the Company shall pay for and provide Executive’s dependents with healthcare and life insurance benefits coverage to the extent such dependents were receiving such benefits prior to the date of Executive’s death, including, if necessary, paying the costs associated with continuation coverage pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as amended (“COBRA”). In addition, if Executive’s employment is terminated by death, the vesting and/or exercisability of Executive’s outstanding Stock Awards shall be automatically accelerated on the date of death as to the number of shares that would vest over the twelve (12) months following Executive’s death under the applicable vesting schedules had Executive remained continuously employed by the Company during such period. Except as otherwise provided above with respect to accelerated vesting, if Executive’s employment is terminated by death, the provisions of the award agreements governing Executive’s Stock Awards regarding the exercisability of such Stock Awards following Executive’s death shall apply.