Definition of Term agreement

Term agreement means an agreement whereby the Authority may engage a professional services consultant for a defined period of time.

Examples of Term agreement in a sentence

Please sign this letter in the space provided below as your acknowledgement and agreement of this Renewal Term agreement and return this original to me, and retain a copy for your own records.
Program Participants who subscribe to any of the following BellSouth plans, services or term agreements during the relevant quarter are not eligible for the additional bonus reward options: Key Customer, any Reacquisition/Winback program/promotion, BellSouth Complete Choice for Business term agreement, Primary Rate ISDN term agreement, Contract Service Arrangement for any product/service, Volume and Term agreement for any product/service or analog Private Line service.
Term agreement bargaining in accordance with 5 U.S.C. SS 7131(a) and this Agreement, and any related third party proceedings; 2.
If, during the Franchise Term, agreement is reached between the Secretary of State and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in relation to the transfer of all or some of the TfGM Stations then the Secretary of State may direct the Franchisee (including by exercising his rights under paragraph 12 of Schedule 1.1 (Service Development)) to take such actions as may be necessary to give effect to the transfer of such TfGM Stations to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.
Term agreement bargaining in accordance with 5 USC 7131(a) and this agreement; and, b.