Reason Sample Clauses

Reason. A. If, in the sole judgment of the Board, it is determined to make a reduction in force for any reason including, but not limited to the reasons set forth in Section 3319.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, then the following procedures shall be utilized when making the reduction. The parties agree and understand that the provisions set forth in this article shall supersede and replace those provisions of O.R.C. 3319.08.1, 3319.17 and 3319.172.
Reason. 7. Have you ever applied for sick bank before this time? Yes No
Reason. Following a Change in Control of the Company, you may terminate your employment at any time for Reason, in which event you shall be entitled to receive severance benefits under this Agreement. For the purposes of this Agreement, you shall have “Reason” to terminate your employment hereunder if there is either a change in your present responsibilities or there is a decrease in the level of your compensation or other economic loss.
Reason. Leave will be granted for the following purposes:
Reason. A reduction in force (RIF) may result from any of the following: • Lack of funds • Elimination and/or reduction of programs, courses or services • Decreased enrollment • Overstaffing • Reduction of allotments pursuant to RCW Chapter 43.88 as now or hereafter amended. • Board approved changes in educational policy and/or goals.
Reason. To ensure that the survey control infrastructure and cadastral framework are preserved for the public benefit and in accordance with the Surveying Act 2002.
Reason. To provide incentive bonuses and rewards in an effort to recruit, reward and retain quality employees.
Reason. A. An employee or a group of employees may request a position to be reclassified for the following reasons: