Reasons Sample Clauses

Reasons. Among reasons that may be deemed sufficient for discipline are the following:
Reasons. Any non-tenured teacher who receives a notice of non-employment may within fifteen (15) days thereafter, in writing request a statement of reasons for such non-employment from the Superintendent, which statement shall be given to the teacher in writing within fifteen (15) days after receipt of such request.
Reasons. 1. For the birth or placement of a child for adoption or xxxxxx care;
Reasons. If the Board determines it is necessary to reduce the number of teachers it may elect to suspend the contracts of teachers to accomplish the reduction but only in the manner and pursuant to the provisions contained herein. A reasonable reduction shall occur only for one or more of the following reasons consistent with ORC 3319.17:
Reasons. Recognizable reasons for requesting leaves include:
Reasons. A reduction in staff may occur for the following reasons only: a) decrease in pupil enrollment, b) return to duty of a regular teacher after a Board-approved leave of absence, c) shortage of funds, d) changes in curriculum, e) or by reason of suspension of schools or territorial changes affecting the district.
Reasons. A. Reductions shall be made by suspending teacher contracts based on the Superintendent’s recommendation based upon reasons identified in the Ohio Revised Code and for financial reasons. Additionally, any substantial reduction in federal or state grant or program dollars may result in a RIF of position(s) funded by those lost dollars.
Reasons. A transfer of unit members may be made by the District at any time for any of the following reasons:
Reasons. A non-tenured teacher who is not granted a contract may request a meeting with the Superintendent who shall arrange such a meeting with the teacher within ten (10) school days after the receipt of such a request. The teacher shall be shown any rating forms that have been completed by the administration. If s/he so chooses, s/he may be accompanied by an Association Representative.