Existing Tenants Sample Clauses

Existing Tenants. Borrower shall provide the County a written report of the income and rent amount of all Existing Tenants within thirty (30) days of acquisition of the Development. Concurrent with providing the report to the County, Borrower shall also provide a proposal regarding designation of Units as Very Low Income Units. Borrower shall not implement any rent increases for Existing Tenants upon acquisition of the Development without the approval of the County. Any Existing Tenant lawfully residing in the Development as of the date of this Agreement is entitled to remain a resident of the Development if such Tenant does not meet the income and other eligibility criteria of this Section 2.1. If and when such non- qualifying Existing Tenant voluntarily vacates the Unit, Borrower shall rent such Unit to a Very Low Income Household, as necessary to meet the provisions of this Section.
Existing Tenants. 52.01 A. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Lease, Tenant acknowledges that it has been informed by Landlord that the Premises are presently occupied by two (2) existing tenants of the Building (the “Existing Tenants”), under separate lease agreements for Suite 1700 and Suite 1700B, respectively (the “Existing Leases”). Tenant further acknowledges that it has been informed by Landlord that each of the Existing Tenants has advised Landlord that it may be willing to vacate and surrender to Landlord possession of the Premises prior to the Commencement Date. Landlord and Tenant agree that if either or the both of the Existing Tenants do not vacate their respective portions of the Premises on or before the Commencement Date and, as a result, Landlord shall be unable to deliver possession of the entire Premises to Tenant as required by the terms of this Lease (it being understood and agreed that Landlord shall not deliver, and Tenant shall not accept, possession of less than the entire Premises), then (i) Landlord shall not be subject to any liability for such failure (provided, however, that Tenant shall have such remedies as are otherwise expressly provided for in this Article), (ii) this Lease shall remain in full force and effect without extension of the Term, however, Tenant’s obligation to pay Fixed Annual Rent and Additional Rent hereunder shall not commence and any rent credits or abatements to which Tenant is entitled under this Lease shall be similarly delayed, until possession of the Premises is delivered to Tenant in the condition required by this Lease, and (iii) Landlord shall promptly commence and diligently prosecute to completion the appropriate summary proceedings, as appropriate, in order to evict those Existing Tenants holding over in the Premises and to recover lawful possession thereof. In such event, upon Landlord’s recovery of actual and lawful possession of the Premises, Landlord shall furnish Tenant with prompt notice thereof and deliver possession to Tenant in the condition required by this Lease promptly thereafter. Except to the extent otherwise provided for by express terms located elsewhere in this Lease, Tenant expressly waives any right to rescind this Agreement under Section 223-a of the New York Real Property Law or under any present or future statute of similar import then in force and further expressly waives the right to recover any damages, direct or indirect, which may result from Landlord’s failure...
Existing Tenants. The property includes existing Tenants, most of whom are on short-term leases (average lease of 8 months) and approximately 50% of whom are students. No Tenants will be required to relocate as a result of the acquisition though it is anticipated that a majority of the existing Tenants will choose to relocate voluntarily. The successful Grantee shall offer to assess existing Tenant supportive services needs and incorporate into the services plan, as appropriate.
Existing Tenants. If Property Manager, more than one time per year, without the prior written consent of Owner, (a) discusses with an existing tenant of the Property the possibility of the tenant leasing space in another building owned, managed or operated by Property Manager or an Affiliate of Property Manager within a three-mile radius of the Property without giving Owner 10 days' prior notice of Property Manager's intention to hold such discussions, or (b) makes a specific lease proposal to the tenant with respect to leasing space in any such other building without providing Owner with a reasonable prior opportunity to make a competing proposal to the tenant with respect to keeping the tenant in the Property, whether or not the tenant becomes a tenant of such other building, except in the case where Property Manager or an Affiliate of Property manager has a written tenant representation letter from the tenant;
Existing Tenants. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, any tenant of Project as of the Effective Date (the “Existing Residents”) who is in good standing upon the expiration of their current lease, shall be permitted at their option to enter into a new lease with the Owner upon the expiration of their current lease. Owner shall cause the Project to be in compliance with the income restrictions set forth in Section 3(a)(i) and 3(a)(ii) within two (2) years after the Effective Date, provided, however, if Owner can demonstrate to Authority’s reasonable satisfaction that it has made progress in achieving such compliance, Authority shall reasonably extend the time period for Owner to achieve such compliance. Owner agrees that it will not evict Existing Residents on the sole basis of not meeting the Eligible Household criteria nor will it permanently relocate Existing Residents outside of the Project solely for the purpose of making more Units available for Eligible Households.
Existing Tenants. There shall have been no modifications to (i) that certain Lease Agreement between PE Corporation (NY) (then named The Perkin-Elmer Corporation) and WHFST Real Estate Limited Partnership (predecessor in interest to Seller), dated as of December 10, 1998, as amended by that certain First Amendment to Lease Agreement dated as of August 16, 1999, and (ii) that certain Office Lease between Lincoln Property Company N.C., Inc., and WHFST Real Estate Limited Partnership (predecessor in interest to Seller), dated as of October 10, 1997, as amended by that certain First Amendment to Lease dated October 30, 1998, that certain Second Amendment to Lease dated as of December 11, 1998, that certain Third Amendment to Lease Agreement dated as of August 13, 1999, that certain Fourth Amendment to Lease Agreement, dated as of January 31, 2000, and that certain Fifth Amendment to Lease Agreement dated as of August, 2000 (items (i) and (ii), collectively, the "Leases", and the current tenants under such Leases, collectively, the "Tenants"), which modifications have not been approved in advance by Buyer, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Buyer hereby approves the terms of the second amendment to the Lease by PE Corporation (NY), in the form which was delivered to Anton N. Natsis by Sherry Geyer under cover of e-mail, on or about September 5, 2002, and, provided there has been no material change to such proposed amendment from such form.
Existing Tenants. Notwithstanding any other term or provision of this Lease or this Article 17, express or implied, it is understood and agreed by Tenant that: (a) Tenant’s rights under this Article 17 may be subject and subordinate to existing third party leases in effect with one or more tenants for the First Refusal Space or a portion thereof as of the Commencement Date of this Lease, and Landlord reserves the right to extend the lease expiration date of, or renew, any such third party lease, whether pursuant to the exercise of any extension or renewal option, or otherwise; (b) other tenants do have and may have certain rights of first offer, rights of refusal or other expansion rights or options with respect to space in the Building, including the First Refusal Space [the tenants referred to in clauses (a) and (b) of this Section 17.07, together with their respective successors, assigns and subtenants, are herein referred to as “Existing Tenants”]; (c) the rights and interests in and to the First Refusal Space and all portions thereof granted by Landlord to Tenant in this Article 17 are, in all respects, subject and subordinate to all such options and rights of Existing Tenants, and to the rights Landlord has reserved with respect to Existing Tenants and may be wholly or partially rendered void and of no effect by such options, rights of and reservations with respect to Existing Tenants; (d) Landlord shall not be liable for the failure or inability of Tenant to exercise or benefit from any or all rights granted in this Article 17 with respect to the First Refusal Space or any portion thereof by reason of the rights Landlord has reserved with respect to the Existing Tenants or such rights and options of Existing Tenants; and (e) Tenant shall not be entitled to compensation, consolation, consideration, replacement of such space or any remedy from or against Landlord by reason of such failure or inability. Landlord shall not be liable for any failure to give possession of any portion of the First Refusal Space by reason of the unlawful holding over or retention of possession of any previous tenant, tenants or occupants of same, nor shall such failure impair the validity of this Lease or extend the Lease Term. However, Landlord does agree to use reasonable diligence to deliver possession of the applicable First Refusal Space to Tenant upon the dates described herein.
Existing Tenants. To complete this section, download the excel file named Tenant Relocation Application Form Appendix Aat https://vancouver.ca/files/cov/tenant-relocation-application-form-appendix-a.xlsx. Please provide a rent roll using Appendix A of all existing tenants on site and supplementary information on any tenants with special circumstances (e.g. disabilities, seniors, etc.). You will be required to have the following information on all existing tenants:• name of tenant;• phone number of tenant;• email of tenant;• unit number;• initial move-in date (if the unit is vacant, indicate the date of vacancy);• bedroom type;• size of unit (sq. ft.);• existing rent ($);• whether the tenants has a *pet(s); and• any special circumstances. *Tenants with pets should be accommodated both when requesting assistance finding new accommodation and when exercising the Right of First Refusal option. 1875 YEW STREET, VANCOUVER, BC V6K 3G1Building Address:Development Applications Involving Tenant Relocation – Application Form This form must be submitted with your rezoning or development permit application. Step 1:Understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlordPlease review the documents in the Background section as it pertains to relocating tenants and the City’s rental replacement policiesStep 2:Complete Section 1Declaration of Tenant Impact and determine the requirements of your applicationStep 3:Complete application requirementsStep 4:Save and return the completed form with project application to City Staff for feedback. In addition, pleaseemail a copy to housing@vancouver.ca. BACKGROUND: Rights and Responsibilities of Landlord and TenantsThe rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants are regulated by the Province and set out in the Residential Tenancy Act: http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws new/document/ID/freeside/00 02078 01 For more information about the City’s rental housing protection policies, please refer to the following documents:Rental Housing Stock ODP https://bylaws.vancouver.ca/ODP/RHS.pdfTenant Relocation and Protection Policy https://vancouver.ca/files/cov/tenant-relocation-and-protection-policy.pdfTenant Relocation and Protection Guidelines https://vancouver.ca/files/cov/tenant-relocation-and-protection-guidelines.pdf Applicant Checklist for Projects Involving Tenant RelocationFor Rezoning Applications https://vancouver.ca/files/cov/applicant-checklist-tenant-relocation-rezoning-process-2016.pdfFor Development Permit Applications https://...
Existing Tenants. As soon as possible after the date of this Agreement, the Agency and the Developer shall cooperate in sending notices to the existing tenants of the Property notifying such persons of the Developer’s duty to complete the Rehabilitation of the Property in accordance with a schedule approved by the Agency and the following: (i) notifying all tenants of eligibility to continue to lease a unit, (ii) notifying the tenants that if they are required to temporarily relocate from their units they will be entitled to payment for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the temporary relocation, and (iii) offering such tenants that income- qualify the opportunity to lease their current units in the Property for not less than one year after completion of the Rehabilitation, upon reasonable terms and conditions, in conformance with the requirements of Section 92.353(c)(2)(1)(C)(1) of the HOME Program regulations. The form of such notice shall be approved by theAgency prior to its delivery to the tenants.