Other Building definition

Other Building. Expenses: Lessor shall be responsible for other building operating expenses, including but not limited to real estate taxes, property insurance, elevators, mechanical equipment, management, etc., except for the utility and cleaning expenses as above set forth.
Other Building means the building located at 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx
Other Building means that certain building and other improvements located at 300 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, Colorado and the real property upon whxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xocated.

Examples of Other Building in a sentence

  • Any increase in FSI of the said Land for any reason whatsoever; but excluding the Other Building FSI.

  • Ensure contract language requires newly acquired and/or substantially upgraded control systems to use open protocols and standards to maximize data interoperability in accordance with UFC 3-410-02, Direct Digital Control for HVAC and Other Building Control Systems, and in alignment with industry best practices.

  • Without prejudice to PHL right to determine in consultation with Glory the nature of Association to be formed with respect to the purchasers of the premises in the Other Building, Glory shall be entitled to deal with the balance premises of the Other Building, in the manner Glory deems fit and proper, without in any manner incurring any liability of any nature whatsoever to PHL, and Glory alone shall be liable for the same.

  • Glory shall pay to PHL proportionate expenses at actuals towards such amenities as are common between the Other Building and the Project with respect to the premises comprised in the Other Building.

More Definitions of Other Building

Other Building. Means any other building, the use of which is ancillary to any farming or intensive farming activity on the site to which it is located, but excludes any dwelling, staff dwelling or accessory building. It includes, but is not restricted to, any milking shed, hay barn, shearing shed, calf rearing shed, or wintering shed or lawfully existing commercial/industrial activity on the site to which it is located, but excludes any dwelling or accessory building.” AMENDMENT 11 General Urban Standards - Hours of Operation 9. Hours of OperationHours of operation shall be limited as follows: Table URB.5.9 Hours of Operation ActivityHours of OperationCommercial, Community, Educational, Rural Service and Entertainment Activitieswithin the Commercial Precinct.Sunday to Thursday Every day:Friday and Saturday: 7.00 am - 1.00 am 7.00 am - 1.00 amCommercial, Community, Educational, Rural Service and Entertainment Activities within the Urban Zone (excludingCommercial Precinct).Sunday to Thursday: Friday and Saturday: 7.00 am - 10.00 pm7.00 am - 12.00 am Any other non-residential activity within theUrban Zone.Every day: 7.00 am - 10.00 pm AMENDMENT 12 General Urban Standards Urban Zone
Other Building means the building to be constructed by Glory on a portion of the said Land hatched in green colour lines on the plan annexed hereto and marked as Annexure “A” at Glory cost and expenses, by utilising the Other Building FSI, the details of which are provided in Annexure “C” hereto;
Other Building means one on an adjacent property or on the same property. In the case of an adjacent property, the limiting distance is measured to the property line, whereas measurement is made to an imaginary limiting distance between two buildings on the same property. That limiting distance line or property line, as the case may be, is then referenced from both sides for required construction characteristics set out in the Code.
Other Building means any room or building in or at which people work, congregate, attend or are housed or accommodated, and includes, but is not
Other Building means a building or structure other than residential building, commercial building, industrial building and other industrial building;
Other Building shall have the same meaning set forth in subsection 5.1(a)(i).

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