Exemplary Sample Clauses

Exemplary the Educator’s performance consistently and significantly exceeds the requirements of a standard or overall. The rating of exemplary on a standard indicates that practice significantly exceeds proficient and could serve as a model of practice on that standard district-wide.
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Exemplary. Teacher consistently and effectively excels in areas of teaching, professional growth, reflection, action research and pedagogical skills. The teacher at this level continually engages families and the broader community in the learning process. The teacher is often seen as an instructional leader among peers. Samples of Evidence and Artifacts Systematic on-going lesson planning Curriculum Maps Instructional materials Observation Cycle Dialogue with teacher Xxxxxxxxxx Self-Assessments and Reflections Mentoring Other Teachers Class Profile Student engagement Tasks modified to meet individual needs of students Student Assessments Interdisciplinary Links Use of methods of inquiry in teaching subject-matter concepts Site Records Artifacts (student work) Communication Log Portfolio Seating Diagram Grouping strategies Individual Learning Plan (ILP) Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Action Research Project Teacher-made assessment materials Classroom Management Plan Course Syllabus Classroom Rules Teacher/Student Contract Parent Communications Log Teacher Journals Video and Audio Tapes Photographs of student activities, classroom etc. Student and Parent Surveys Records of professional activities Awards, recognitions, etc. Publications – Newsletters Conferences Meetings and workshops Communication/correspondence with peers, parents, administration. Components of Domain 1: Planning and Preparation – Organization The teacher develops a comprehensive instructional sequence. Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter Standard 1: subject matter Demonstrating creating interdisciplinary experiences Standard 1: subject matter Demonstrating knowledge of resources Standard 1: subject matter and standard 3: diverse learners Designing coherent instruction Standard 2: student learning Demonstrating knowledge of planning Standard 3: diverse learners and standard 7: planning instruction Selecting instruction goals Standard 7: planning instruction Assessment Informs Instruction Standard 8: assessment Demonstrating knowledge of student’s areas of exceptionality Standard 2: student learning and standard 3: diverse learners Demonstrating Knowledge Of Use Of Student Data Standard 2: student learning and standard 3: diverse learners Demonstrating knowledge of Minnesota standards Standard 1: subject matter, standard 3: diverse learners, standard 4: instructional strategies, and standard 7: planning instruction Components of Domain 1: Planning And Preparation – Organization The teacher dev...
Exemplary. Has exceeded normal responsibilities and expectations and has demonstrated a commitment to PSU that has moved the institution forward in accordance with its mission and strategic plan.
Exemplary. Documents submitted by the instructor are of excellent quality and evaluations of performance demonstrate excellence and ability for instructor to excel without regular, close classroom and other evaluation. 2
Exemplary. Immediately prior to Closing, Paradigm shall transfer the Exemplary Assets into Exemplary, and Paradigm will cause Paradigm ND to distribute the Equity Interests in Exemplary to Paradigm.
Exemplary. Evidence of exceptional performance; outstanding knowledge, implementation, and integration of teaching standards along with evidence of leadership initiative and willingness to model and/or serve as a mentor for colleagues.
Exemplary. This rating is given to a unit member who demonstrates a consistently thorough understanding and implementation of the standards, practices the standards continuously, and works independently without constant supervision. The unit member may be called on to collaborate with others on special projects or assignments.
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Exemplary damages Section 2 is extended to indemnify the insured against liability for punitive or exemplary damages arising from:
Exemplary. DAMAGES Section 2 is extended to indemnify the insured against liability fir punitive or exemplary damages arising from: 1. accidental bodily injury, or 2. accidental loss to any property, occurring during the period of insurance, caused by or through or in connection with their use of the insured vehicle in New Zealand, provided that there is no indemnity under this extension: NZ5050-9 08/16 a. arising from any dishonest, fraudulent or malicious act or omission by the insured or anyone acting on behalf of the insured, or b. arising from any claim first notified to the insured but not notified to us within six months of that date. The most we will pay under this extension: i. for any one event is the amount shown in the Limits and Excesses section, and ii. in total for all claims during an annual period is the amount shown in the Limits and Excesses section. Section 2: Exclusions, ‘E – Exemplary Damages’ does not apply to this extension. In addition to any other policy excess, each claim will be subject to an excess of 10% of any sum for which the insured is found legally liable. However, a minimum excess as shown in the Limits and Excesses section applies to each claim.
Exemplary. DAMAGES 6.1 Plaintiff further alleges that by reason of the fact the Defendant knew that the representations described above were false at the time they were made, the representations were willful and malicious and constitute conduct for which the law allows the imposition of exemplary damages. In this connection, Plaintiff will show that he has incurred significant expenses, including attorney's fees, in the investigation and prosecutiou of this action. Accordingly, Plaintiff requests that exemplary damages be awarded against the Defendants in a sum which exceeds the minimum, jurisdictional limits of the Court. Wherefore, promises considered, Plaintiff prays that it have judgment against Defendants for Plaintiff's actual damages, costs of court, attorney's fees, prejudgment and post judgment interest as provided by law, exemplary damages and any other and further relief both in law and in equity to which Plaintiff may show himself justly entitled. Respectfully submitted
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