Educational Activities definition

Educational Activities means the provision of educational programs, early learning programs and extracurricular school activities;
Educational Activities means all aspects of the operation of a postsecondary educational institution for general educational purposes (including the conferring of academic degrees, diplomas, honors or certificates), as such activities are conducted by the Institution as of the Effective Date and thereafter.
Educational Activities means nonprofit educational activities and programs, encompassing students in grades from kindergarten through 12, which shall be financially sustainable and designed to fulfill the CWC Network Fundamentals.

Examples of Educational Activities in a sentence

  • If the provider of the Structured Educational Activities prescribes a customary time for completion of such an Activity, then such prescribed time shall, unless the Board finds the prescribed time to be unreasonable, be accepted as the architect’s time for Continuing Education Hour purposes irrespective of actual time spent on the activity.

  • This Policy replaces the University’s Policy Regarding the Disposition of Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Similar Educational Activities, adopted on June 25, 2007.

  • Educational Activities – For educational purposes, mandatory participation in educational activities such as workshops, service learning, writing assignments, etc.

  • Admission requirements (1) Educational Activities conducted by the Organizer are open to any interested party who possesses the qualifications required by the competent testing institutions for the desired degrees, in- sofar as such qualifications are required in the description of the respective Educational Activity.

  • Withdrawal/Termination/Cancellation costs (1) In the case of Educational Activities lasting up to 12 months, the contract shall automatically terminate at the end of the re- spective Training Activity.

More Definitions of Educational Activities

Educational Activities means those activities pertaining to the action or process of providing or receiving academic, vocational or other instruction related to the improvement of human skills and knowledge.
Educational Activities means any aspect of a qualifying
Educational Activities means all curriculum, teaching, career guidance, extra-curricular, remedial, training, practice, vocational, scholastic and educational activities provided for the benefit of students to be undertaken at each School, and includes, in the case of the Board of Education of St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 20 of Saskatchewan, religious activities and religious celebrations;
Educational Activities means an approved, formally organized, or planned program of study usually engaged in by providers in order to enhance the quality of resident care in an institution. These activities shall be licensed when required by state law.
Educational Activities means the systematic instruction in any and all branches of learning, with the use of any and all means of imparting knowledge which tends to train and develop the individual for any calling or business or activity and usefulness in life; such train- ing may be moral, vocational, intellectual, or physical, by instruction or observation, whether in theory or in practice.
Educational Activities means imparting education or training for skill development and shall include running educational institutions/schools/colleges/universities/Madarsa etc.
Educational Activities means the provision of an educational Course of instruction or post graduate research or coursework in the areas of sheep and wool education, which include limited extracts from or references to the modules, but excludes the delivery of a Course or any other training based predominantly on the Modules. “Educational Activities” also includes use of the Modules for self education or in their entirety as reference materials.