Educational materials definition

Educational materials means visual and auditory media, curricula, textbooks, and other disposable or non- disposable items that enhance student understanding of the subject matter.
Educational materials means textbooks, supplies, implements, tools, machinery, computers, electronic devices, or other goods related to any education, training, or experience required for participation in an educational program.
Educational materials means printed or electronic information provided by the Department, explaining newborn and infant screening, any of the congenital disorders listed in R9-13-203, hearing loss, or critical congenital heart defect.

Examples of Educational materials in a sentence

  • Number: 210301 Title: Academic Curriculum and Instructional/Educational Goods, Materials, and Services Type: Request for Proposal Issue Date: 3/4/2021 Deadline: 4/16/2021 03:00 PM (CT) Notes: Vendors that currently hold and are satisfied with TIPS Contract 200903 Books, Library, and Educational Materials do not need to respond to this solicitation unless they desire to hold and manage multiple TIPS Contracts that cover the same offerings.

  • Please review the Educational Materials for risks that are common to many of the companies on the MainVest platform.

  • For additional information about the investment and cancellation process, see the Educational Materials.

  • If you currently hold TIPS Contracts 200903 Books, Library, and Educational Materials AND/OR 210301 Academic Curriculum, Instructional Materials and Services, that current contract covers all of your offerings and you are happy with the pricing/terms, there is no need to respond to this Solicitation unless it is your preference to hold multiple contracts that allow the same offerings.

  • Equipment Food Services Educational Materials _Other NOTE: Region 4 does not have a kitchen for preparation; however, a preparation area and ice will be available.

More Definitions of Educational materials

Educational materials means all curriculum, print and electronic textbooks, instructional materials, lesson plans, teacher guides, workbooks, tests, and other curriculum-related materials licensed, developed or otherwise owned by the School or NHA.
Educational materials means all advertising and promotional materials, handouts, workbooks, presentations, manuals, software programs, and any other literature or material and other collateral items employed, provided, distributed, sold, or otherwise made available in connection with the Business, in any form of communication or media and whether or not in machine or human readable format.
Educational materials means publications, guides, calendars, handouts, pamphlets, reports, or booklets intended to provide information about the public official or governmental office. It includes information or details about the office, services the office provides to the public, updates on laws and services, and other informational items that are intended to educate the public.
Educational materials means textbooks, supplies,
Educational materials means objects and instruments (including calculators and typewriters) normally used by pupils or students for the purposes of their studies.
Educational materials means works, created by Staff, in which copyright subsists which are created or used for the primary purpose of teaching and educating at the University (in any medium), including but not limited to course and curriculum designs (including course software), notices, guides, lecture notes, audio- visual aids, including such materials produced using any and all electronic means and whether delivered in a copy or digital format, demonstration prototypes developed for teaching purposes, assessment and examination instruments, marking instruments, including all academic papers and anthologies produced for or provided to Students or Staff for the purposes of teaching and educating at the University (but not including Scholarly Works or Creative Works).
Educational materials means educational material that IBM or a third party on behalf of IBM may make commercially available. Educational Materials may be tutorials, instructor guides, student guides, lab guides, lab exercises, slide decks, sample tests, syllabi, workbooks, charts, white papers, data sets and IBM Redbooks. Educational Materials may be delivered in the form of software or written material, computer-based training (CBT) or Web-based training (WBT) courses, Webcasts, or Adobe Acrobat (“PDF”) or csv files or revisable formats. Eligible Resources: Eligible Resources include software, cloud services, Educational Materials, and other resources provided as part of the initiative.