Prospective Purchaser definition

Prospective Purchaser shall have the meaning set forth herein in Section 2.2(a).
Prospective Purchaser has the meaning set forth in Section 3(b)(i).
Prospective Purchaser means either an individual contractowner or an individual participant in a group contract.

Examples of Prospective Purchaser in a sentence

  • The accuracy of the declaration and the fulfillment of the requirements mentioned above will be verified by Petrobras after the acceptance, by the Prospective Purchaser, of the confidentiality obligations necessary to participate in the Process.

  • This representation is not required, and has no effect, if the Prospective Purchaser does not finance any portion of the purchase price through financing offered by the FDIC.

  • The Prospective Purchaser is not an FDIC employee, the spouse of an FDIC employee, or the minor child of an FDIC employee.

  • Neither the Prospective Purchaser nor any of its Affiliated Business Entities has a Delinquent Obligation.

  • The contract with the Prospective Purchaser, and all questions concerning the execution, validity or invalidity, capability of the parties, and the performance of the contract, shall be interpreted in all respects in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.

More Definitions of Prospective Purchaser

Prospective Purchaser means a person who is not currently liable for remedial action at a facility and who proposes to purchase, redevelop, or reuse the facility.
Prospective Purchaser has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.1(a).
Prospective Purchaser as used herein, shall mean the prospective record owner or owners of the shares of Common Stock which are the subject of the Outside Offer and all other Persons proposed to have a beneficial interest in such Common Stock. The Selling Shareholder shall transmit copies of the Outside Offer to the Company and Sun within five (5) days after the Selling Shareholder’s receipt of the Outside Offer.
Prospective Purchaser means a person who is not currently
Prospective Purchaser means a person who:
Prospective Purchaser has the meaning set forth in Section 9.01(c).
Prospective Purchaser means a prospective purchaser of a GDR or interest therein designated as such a Holder or a beneficial owner of GDRs;