Agreement to Provide Services Sample Clauses

Agreement to Provide Services. Xxxxxxx Sachs hereby engages the Contract Underwriter, and the Contract Underwriter hereby agrees, to provide the following Services: (a) establish and maintain (or assist the Company in establishing and maintaining) relationships with owners of Contracts who are its customers or customers of other broker-dealers with whom it has entered into agreements to sell the Contracts (“Selling Dealers”); (b) provide Contract owners with “personal services” (within the meaning of NASD Conduct Rule 2830(b)(9)); (c) assist in the preparation of advertisements and other sales literature for the Contracts that describes or discusses the Funds; (d) provide sales compensation to representatives of the Contract Underwriter; (e) pay money to Selling Dealers for any of the foregoing purposes; and (f) perform any additional services primarily intended to result in the distribution of the Contracts and the sale of the Service Shares to the Company.
Agreement to Provide Services. Antero shall provide, or cause to be provided, the corporate, general and administrative services set forth on Exhibit A and such additional services as the Parties may agree in writing from time to time (collectively, the “Services”) to the Company, the Partnership and the subsidiaries of the Partnership, and any other subsidiaries of the Company (collectively, the “Company Group”). The nature and quality of the Services provided under this Agreement shall be provided in compliance with all applicable law and shall be consistent with the nature and quality of the services of such type that Antero performs in the management of its own business and affairs. If, subsequent to the date hereof, additional services not listed on Exhibit A are needed, Antero shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Services Personnel (as defined below) to provide such services on mutually agreeable pricing and other terms to be determined on a basis similar to the pricing and other terms set forth in this Agreement, whereupon such additional services shall be considered part of the Services.
Agreement to Provide Services. In the event that (i) a Person commences a tender offer to become the beneficial owner, directly or indirectly, of securities of DPL or DP&L representing fifteen percent (15%) or more of the combined voting power of the then outstanding securities of DPL or DP&L, as the case may be, or (ii) a Change of Control occurs consisting of the entering into of an agreement referred to in item (ii) or (iii) of paragraph 2 above, you agree that you will perform services for the Company and that you will not voluntarily terminate your employment with the Company until the first to occur of the following:
Agreement to Provide Services. The Administrator agrees to provide the Advisor with such personnel, services and resources, and to take all other commercially reasonable actions, as shall be necessary or advisable to enable the Advisor to perform all of its duties, obligations and agreements under the Advisory Agreement.
Agreement to Provide Services. Service Company agrees to provide to Client Companies and their subsidiaries, if any, upon the terms and conditions set forth herein, the services hereinafter referred to and described in Section 2, at such times, for such period and in such manner as Client Companies may from time to time request. Service Company will keep itself and its personnel available and competent to provide to Client Companies such services so long as it is authorized to do so by the appropriate federal and state regulatory agencies. In providing such services, Service Company may arrange, where it deems appropriate, for the services of such experts, consultants, advisers and other persons with necessary qualifications as are required for or pertinent to the provision of such services.
Agreement to Provide Services. 2.1. Intersections shall, subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement, provide Equifax with (i) Credit Watch (Offline) Services as described on Exhibit B, and Credit Watch On-line Ordering Services as described in Exhibit B-1 and (ii) such other services as the Parties may from time to time mutually agree upon pursuant to Sections 5 or 6 hereof (collectively, the "Intersections Services").
Agreement to Provide Services. Antero hereby agrees to provide, or cause to be provided to, the General Partner, the Partnership and the subsidiaries of the Partnership (other than Antero Midstream Partners LP (“Antero Midstream”) and its subsidiaries and Antero Midstream Partners GP LLC, the sole general partner of Antero Midstream) (collectively, subject to such exclusions, the “Partnership Group”) with certain corporate, general and administrative services as set forth on Exhibit A hereto (collectively, the “Services”). Antero shall provide, or cause to be provided to, the Partnership Group the Services in a manner consistent with the nature and quality of the services that Antero undertakes in the management of its own business and affairs.
Agreement to Provide Services. GSAM hereby engages the Service Organization, and the Service Organization hereby agrees, to perform the following Services (which will be in addition to any other services performed pursuant to an agreement with the Funds): (a) disburse dividends and distributions declared on the Shares of the Class held in the name of the Service Organization by mailing checks or crediting Customer accounts in accordance with the election made by each Customer and issue related Customer accounts; (b) provide, or assist GSAM in providing, periodic statements to each Customer showing account balances and transactions during the relevant period; (c) promptly mail, or assist GSAM in promptly mailing, to Customers reports and proxy statements issued by the Trust; (d) handle all tax withholding and remittances required by federal income tax laws with respect to Customer accounts, prepare and file with the Internal Revenue Service all required returns and statements and prepare and mail to each Customer all statements and reports concerning dividends and distributions to shareholders that are required by the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “1940 Act”) or federal income tax laws; (e) provide such statistical and other information as may be reasonably requested by GSAM, including reports of sales of the Class in each state or other jurisdiction for purposes of complying with state securities or “Blue Sky” laws; (f) develop and monitor appropriate program procedures to facilitate investments of Customers in the Funds; and (g) provide consultative services concerning appropriate and effective means of making Funds available to Customers.
Agreement to Provide Services. Until such time as this Agreement is terminated as provided in Section 8.5, Green Plains hereby agrees to provide, or cause one or more of its Affiliates to provide, to the Partnership Group the general and administrative services that Green Plains has traditionally provided in connection with the ownership and operation of the Assets, which include, but are not limited to, the services set forth on Schedule A (the “G&A Services”). The G&A Services shall be consistent in nature and quality to the services of such type previously provided by Green Plains in connection with the Assets prior to the Closing Date. Green Plains may subcontract with Affiliates or third parties for the provision of such G&A Services to the General Partner. The Partnership may terminate any specific G&A Service upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to Green Plains.